Two pastors in love, and only God knows


Pastor Twanna Gause stepped out of a limousine amid the whir of cameras outside the New Vision Full Gospel Baptist Church in East Orange, N.J. Dressed in an off-white wedding gown and veil that sparkled in the cascading sunshine, she carried a bouquet of white roses and lilies, hugged several guests, then parted a sea of well-wishers on the way ...

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5 Powerful types of trust every relationship needs

Couple in living room smiling

A happy marriage rests on unquestioned trust. If you want a fulfilling marriage, you must know how to create this kind of trust. Most couples think of trust exclusively in terms of being sexually faithful, which is essential, but there’s more to the definition of trust than just cheating. Strong healthy marriages reveal five specific kinds of trust husbands and wives give ...

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3 Reasons God wants you to love and enjoy passionate sex


Passionate lovemaking originated within the mind of God to bless you and make your life easier. To help you accomplish the three purposes for your creation, God designed special hormones of love to be released during frequent, ecstatic lovemaking. These hormones help you become more loving toward your mate and children. They promote bonding with your companion and children. The hormones also ...

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16 Beautiful signs a man truly loves you


Recently I was driving with a close friend in the car and we were having love talk conversations. Out of heaven, she asked me how do you know that a man truly loves you? How do you know that this love is true, honest, and coming deep from his heart? Well, in my case, I felt it from the first moment that my ...

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3 Signs he wants to be with you for long- run


When you meet a guy who’s attracted to you, it’s great. But, as you know from experience, simply attraction is not enough. After you’ve seen a few guys come and go, it becomes important to know how men bond with women they’re dating. With that in mind, here are 3 signs that he wants to commit to you, if you have them ...

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Women ‘more likely to lose interest in sex than men’

Young couple in bed, man sitting up with arms crossed, portrait

Women are more than twice as likely as men to lack interest in sex when living with a partner, a study of British sexual attitudes suggests. It found that while men and women lost passion with age, women were often left cold by longer relationships. Overall, poor health and a lack of emotional closeness affected both men’s and women’s desire ...

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10 Tips on how to talk to a guy you like


Do you get all tongue twisted and shy when you talk to a guy you like? Do you find it hard to find the right words, and often come out with the wrong ones? Often, when we are trying to impress someone, we can get so nervous, that we forget all the things that we wanted to say. That’s why ...

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9 persons married people end up having affair with


Almost everyone who gets married, marries out of love. But why do so many married people end up cheating? It is because they don’t set boundaries. There are nine types of people a married person needs to be aware of and keep boundaries to protect themselves from. Here is how to do it… 1. “The one in need of a ...

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Cheaters likely to cheat again – Research


A new study has found that people who cheat are three times likely to do it again. People who cheat are more likely to cheat again according to new research. A study carried out by the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that people who had been unfaithful in the past were three times more likely to do so again. The ...

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Six ways to know if the guy you like is boyfriend material


Is he the one? As women, we come to a point in life, where we want to stop messing around and learn how to find true love. This may also be the perfect time to set some goals for your love life, stop hanging aroung guys who are you using you (even if you’re using them back!) and learn how to identify the ...

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