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TOR, IES, faceoff over forced shutdown of refinery

Circumstances that led to a forced shutdown of the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) after just 16 days of operations have invoked some bad blood between energy think-tank Institute for Energy Security (IES) and the management of TOR. The refinery, which resumed operations on January 2, 2018, experienced a forced shutdown on January 18, 2018. The IES attributed the shutdown to ...

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TOR ordered to supply premix on weekends

The Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye, has revealed that the Tema Oil Refinery has been ordered to work on weekends to produce more premix fuel for fishermen. A shortage of premix fuel hit the country in July this year, with some fishermen threatening to go on demonstrations over it. Afoley Quaye at the time attributed this shortage ...

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COPEC dissatisfied with 500ppm standard for TOR

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers of Ghana  (COPEC) has described as untenable government’s decision to allow the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) to refine diesel with 500ppm level while Bulk Oil Distributing Companies are made to import the commodity with 10 ppm. The chamber petitioned the President last week to pass a regulation that will compel BDCs to import diesel with ...

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Ghana will keep importing ‘dirty fuel’ for 3 years – NPA

Ghana will continue to import toxic fuel said to be containing high levels of sulphur for at least three more years. This is because the country’s oil refinery the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR)is yet to raise money to change its equipment to lower the sulphur content in diesel. The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) on Monday [October 3] revised the acceptable national sulphur ...

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