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3 things women in passionate sexual relationships do


If things feel a little dull. You know those couples that just look like their sexual passion is alive and well? The ones who spontaneously and easily touch and kiss each other in public? Or maybe you have a friend who, when the conversation turn to sex and intimacy, shares an exciting story that makes you think, wow, that sounds ...

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Ten tips to improve your dating success


If you’ve been dating for a while, but you seem to be getting nowhere, it’s most likely that it has nothing to do with you as a person, but it could be that you are making a few fundamental dating mistakes. Dating is a very artificial situation that can be very awkward. You will both be trying your best to ...

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32 shady signs he’s totally leading you on

Angry Couple

He’s a total player. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself living the single life, where you’re casually seeing some people, or maybe even just one person. Love and dating can be a bit of a minefield by itself, and it’s made worse when the dudes you’re finding are just playing games with the girls they fool around with. Don’t get caught off guard by these wannabe playboys. ...

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10 Texting tips every girl needs to know about


In 2017, girls have one major advantage over anything their parents and grandparents ever had: They can text their crushes. In the past, women either had to talk to their crushes on the phone, in person (IKR!), or not talk at all. Now, we have texting. Which makes things SO much easier. Right? … Right? Well, actually. Not quite. To keep ...

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8 Ways to be the man every girl dreams of


How to be the man all girls dream? This is the question that has been worrying the minds of mankind for hundreds of years. Who is the real man? We hear about him from everywhere, from the very first years of conscious life, no matter who you are – a man or a woman. A certain ideal of masculinity makes ...

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9 Signs you and lover are compatible for marriage


The chemistry is off the charts. He checks off all your boxes. She is everything you ever wanted in a partner. But are you compatible? According to marriage counselors, compatibility is key to a life-long partnership. “Compatibility is more important than love ― believe it or not ― and goes hand in hand with respect and communication at the top,” therapist ...

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How to be the “cool girl” guys simply can’t resist


Did you know that most men decide if a woman is “girlfriend material” within a few seconds of meeting her? That’s right – if you don’t know how to create the right first impression with a man, then you just might get thrown into the “just a friend” category for good. That’s why it’s important to understand what attracts men ...

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11 Reasons why you must date a journalist


As far as popular belief exists, dating a journalist is not easy. They are not minting money as much as their counter parts and in many cases are even workaholics. Yes, it may not be easy peasy but who isn’t up for a challenge. It’s certainly not as dull as it is projected and dating a journalist can be quite ...

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6 Things to consider before admitting you’re in love with your best friend


You’ve realized you’re falling in love with your best friend. And understandably, you’re panicked? Love is a wonderful feeling. But when it comes to your romantic love and your BFF, it’s scary because it could possibly destroy one of the most important things in the world to you. If you have recently discovered such feelings, try to take a deep breath. ...

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