15 signs a guy likes you


Desperate to know if he likes you or not? In this article, Beauty and Tips uncovers the 15 signs a guy likes you. Guys are from Mars, which makes it super hard for us to understand how they feel about us. They give us signs and signals, but they’re clearly for aliens only. What are we supposed to do when ...

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15 ways to make your wife enjoy being a wife

African American Couple

Many men want a good wife yet they don’t set up the right conditions for a wife to be her best. These are some simple ways to make her the best Queen: 1. “Marry her” Don’t just take a woman and live with her in a come we stay union in the name of love. Marry her. Make her your ...

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Chris Attoh and the Entitlement Mentality of African Men


I stumbled on a news story where Mr. Chris Attoh who recently announced his separation or divorce from his wife made some statements concerning his failed marriage. As a person who has studied the subject of relationship success, and how to build a happy and long-lasting marriage, I feel compelled to reply. Before I continue to ramble, in case you ...

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12 signs you’ve fallen out of love


If you’re wondering whether your feelings of annoyance towards your partner are just a phase, or sign that you’ve just stopped GAF all together, it can be very confusing. Is it time to sack off the relationship because you’ve completely fallen out of love? Or is it salvageable and you’re just going through a bit of a rough patch? How ...

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15 ways to be the person others want to date


You may want more dates … or you may want better dates. You probably want dates with people who have the potential to be the love of your life. Whatever the case, it’s wise to pause and ask if you’re doing all you can to attract the best. To be sure you’re the kind of person other people can’t wait ...

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10 lessons all single people need to learn

black lady

Single and struggling a bit? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at the 10 lessons everyone who is single needs to learn. Being single isn’t often something we plan. It’s usually thrust upon us, sometimes without warning. Perhaps you were still making plans for the future with your partner when they told you it was all over. ...

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Two pastors in love, and only God knows


Pastor Twanna Gause stepped out of a limousine amid the whir of cameras outside the New Vision Full Gospel Baptist Church in East Orange, N.J. Dressed in an off-white wedding gown and veil that sparkled in the cascading sunshine, she carried a bouquet of white roses and lilies, hugged several guests, then parted a sea of well-wishers on the way ...

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5 Powerful types of trust every relationship needs

Couple in living room smiling

A happy marriage rests on unquestioned trust. If you want a fulfilling marriage, you must know how to create this kind of trust. Most couples think of trust exclusively in terms of being sexually faithful, which is essential, but there’s more to the definition of trust than just cheating. Strong healthy marriages reveal five specific kinds of trust husbands and wives give ...

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3 Reasons God wants you to love and enjoy passionate sex


Passionate lovemaking originated within the mind of God to bless you and make your life easier. To help you accomplish the three purposes for your creation, God designed special hormones of love to be released during frequent, ecstatic lovemaking. These hormones help you become more loving toward your mate and children. They promote bonding with your companion and children. The hormones also ...

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16 Beautiful signs a man truly loves you


Recently I was driving with a close friend in the car and we were having love talk conversations. Out of heaven, she asked me how do you know that a man truly loves you? How do you know that this love is true, honest, and coming deep from his heart? Well, in my case, I felt it from the first moment that my ...

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