Web traffic & content filtering: A response to indecent, harmful content? [Article]


The Government of Ghana has plans to put in place regulations to guide and control indecent social media content. This action the government believes would instill some level of sanity and decency in the way information on social media is disseminated by users. Looking back at various incidents in the recent past, that have engulfed the Ghanaian cyberspace specifically social ...

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Can we hold directors of Capital, UT Bank responsible? [Article]


Without warning, the country has been thrown into deep discussions about the collapse of UT Bank and Capital Bank. We are told that quite a few other banks may join the wagon. UT Bank was listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) until the crisis broke. GCB Bank, itself a listed company on the GSE, has with the approval of ...

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Osu Castle deteriorating over poor maintenance culture


The Osu castle, once in an impregnable and invincible seat of power, is a pale shadow of itself. The castle, famed for both the good, bad and ugly tales, earned both notoriety and awe during the heady days of former president Rawlings, then chairman Rawlings, whose reign of terror, caused many to shiver in fear at the mere mention of ...

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NADMO – A disaster organisation in need of assistance [Article]


In response to the 1994 Yokohama conference on Natural Disaster Reduction which mandated every country to establish a permanent disaster management organisation, the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) of Ghana was established in 1996 by an Act of Parliament, Act 517. It was and still is mandated by law to “manage disasters and similar emergencies” in the country by “coordinating the ...

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Shipping your goods to Ghana, what to know [Article]

File photo

Back in 2005, when I shipped a container, it involved me showing up at the harbor with the agent, navigating various fees and finally opening the container. Much to the dismay of inspectors, I didn’t even have a car in it. What was I thinking wasting all that money and space, just to make sure I could ship a bunk ...

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Dela Coffie writes; slams ‘insecure’ and ‘politically naive’ Valerie Sawyerr


Dear Valerie Sawyerr, I read your spiteful piece of writing on Chairman Rawlings posted on the web. As much as we have been taught in saner climes to respect opinions of persons on the other swing of subject matters, I am compelled to break my silence just so I can bring a few things to your attention. A daughter of ...

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Ghanaian Engineers/Contractors vrs Foreign ones ; What are we comparing? [Article]


  “I Believe in Ghana”- President Nana Akuffu Addo “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett  “Construction is big business with huge budgets and many people rightly see it as an avenue to earn or make or steal money” “President Nana Akuffu Addo, when you were campaigning for office, you once complained ...

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Valerie Sawyerr takes on Rawlings, Amidu and writes: Ntomtom or Nwansena?

Valarie Sawyerr, former Deputy Chief of Staff

When will this buzzing sound stop? Aaba! Should I call them ntomtom (Twi word for ‘mosquitoes’) or nwansena (Twi word for ‘flies’)? In the Ga dialect, the mosquito is referred to as tonton and the fly adidon. Yet another day dawns in which we are supposed to share love, peace and laughter … yet again the buzzing sound is on ...

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State of streetlights in Wa threatens public safety [Article]


Streetlights provide light on streets at night to enhance public safety. Sadly, the state of streetlights in Wa is nothing to write home about – they are either broken down or have developed faults on their own. In addition, some streets have not been provided with streetlights – a situation that poses great danger to the safety and security of ...

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Blogger makes shocking discoveries being processed for court [Article]

handcuffs - gavel

It was just another busy day for my husband as he left home to have several meetings in town with clients. He had barely been gone for 3 hours when my phone rang. He was so calm and collected when he said, ‘ I have been arrested for expiry of the car insurance. I am going to the police station ...

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