32 banks fail to comply with financial statement publication rules (Article)

Bank of Ghana

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that little/small things matter. When I moved out of Ghana to US and Canada, one thing that I have seen separate Ghana from those two countries is that the little things matter. Sometimes we blame other people for the state of affairs of our country, but I think 99% of ...

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Lancaster University Ghana Law Students’ Journal: ‘Taming Archer’s Octopus’

Article 94 of the 1992 Constitution, a cornerstone of participatory democracy or a manacle on freedom of contract and association? Introduction The case of The Republic v. The High Court; Ex-Parte Dr. Zanetor A. Rawlings drew great attention and public interest, ostensibly due to the profile of the parties involved: one of whom was the daughter of former President Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings. It ...

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Importance of reforestation to wildlife in Ghana [Article]

Ghana is geographically located in the tropics, endowed with diverse natural resources. And one of these resources that have been most abused is its forests resources and by extension its wildlife. Forests cover about one-third of Ghana’s total area. The interdependency of forest and wildlife and the need to take appropriate measures to optimize resource utilization , to ensure future ...

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Gold Rush, Public Health and Water Bodies [Article]

1.0 Introduction Human beings on this planet earth fight for survival just like plants and animals. Out of the effort in fighting for survival, some end up achieving nothing while others end up having something they can boast of. Such assets as jobs are vital issues that everyone fights for. With the eagerness in fighting for survival, many end up ...

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Bank of Ghana; the Gov’t of Ghana’s Holy Grail

“Bank of Ghana appoints official administrator for uniBank Ghana Limited” I’m sure it came as a surprise to many players in the financial sector. It’s simple, KPMG has been appointed by BoG to take over the helm of affairs at uniBank to try and rehabilitate the bank within a period of six months, and return it to regulatory compliance. After ...

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Teenage smoking: How Ghana’s low taxes on cigarettes encourage deadly habit

Kwaku Addo, a 16-year-old student of a prominent high school in Accra expressed his dismay when I disclosed that every year, more than 5000 people in Ghana are killed by tobacco-related diseases and that half of all smokers will die from tobacco-related illness according to the latest Tobacco Atlas (2018). Kwaku had never considered the health implications of his smoking ...

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Following the trends: Abuse against women in Ghanaian online space [Article]

Reflections on selected stories that trended on the internet in Ghana in 2017 Various kinds of abuses, especially sexual harassment in all its forms, are prevalent in many societies across the world—principally against women. The situation enkindled the #metoo campaign/movement that was launched in 2017. By the end of 2017, the Me Too (#Metoo) movement had more than half a ...

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#HeritageCaravan: Who doesn’t love a good road trip? [Article]

I have a growing intimacy for travelling, and especially for great road trips, indeed if travelling were free, I bet you would never see me again. For me, there is nothing more appealing than the wonderful memories of a great road trip of a lifetime. It was therefore not surprising to learn that as far back as 1888, the inventor ...

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Manasseh’s ‘clearing agent’ tag of Nana Addo pitiful and baseless [Article]

President Nana Akufo-Addo

Manasseh Azure Awuni, by every stretch of the imagination, has achieved a modicum of fame for his anti-corruption posturing. Notwithstanding the successes he has chalked, as a result, it must also be emphasized that there have been several instances the investigative journalist has misfired. One such case of misfiring, which has led to a massive dent of his credibility and ...

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Ackon-Mensah asks: Central Region, a helpless victim of unplanned projects?

The John Evans Atta Mills Presidential Library in Cape Coast

Its diverse national accolades have in the past and recent years, been contrasted with very unfortunate tags on itself. It is the fourth poorest region in the country despite its agriculture, fishing and the high level of brisk business which goes on in one of its towns, which is arguably the most expanding urban area in West Africa, Kasoa. The ...

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