NPP launches forum to ‘expose Mahama’s incompetence’

Nana Akufo-Addo. The NPP presidential candidate

A forum to expose the corruption, incompetence, deceit and insensitivity of the John Mahama-led administration has been launched by the New Patriotic Party at the Awutu Senya West Constituency in the Central Region.

Dubbed the ‘Truth Forum’, it will also give evidence-based presentation on how Mahama and his NDC are engaging in “create, loot and share”, and how they have collapsed the social and economic policies started during NPP’s era under former President Kufuor.

The launch which took place at the Senya Methodist Church Square attracted a huge crowd, mostly fisher folks and market women.

A Deputy Communications Director of the NPP and a leading member of the Truth Forum, Adomako Baafi, asked the crowd, “Do you still enjoy the national health insurance, free maternal health and the free food for school kids?” The response of “no, no, no” was the echo.

Baafi explained that, when the NDC took office in 2009, there were several social intervention programs it inherited.

“The Government has withdrawn allowances without any fall back plan on how the country can attract people into such socially relevant vocations. The mass spraying of cocoa farms has not been spared this incompetence and insensitivity resulting in a marked reduction in cocoa output for the country. From Sefwi Wiaso to Ayanfuri, Asankragwa and Bibiani,  cocoa farmers are crying.”

With all Mahama’s incompetence, Baafi said, the most cruel and highest form of his insensitivity is the upward adjustments of utility and fuel.

“How can you increase utility prices at a time when Ghanaians are experiencing dumsor- businesses are suffering, workers are suffering, traders are suffering,  students are suffering,  farmers are suffering, fishermen are suffering,  drivers are suffering, knowing very well that the increase affects school fees, water, rent, fares, market prices and everything,” he posited.

For the people of Senya who are mostly fisher folks, it emerged that the prices of premix fuel has increased from 1.8 cedis a gallon to 8cedis a gallon under Mahama and his NDC government.

“Even with that the commodity is not available and due to the scarcity, we at times buy a gallon of premix for 12cedis. An outboard motor which was sold for 2,900 cedis (29million old cedis) in 2008, is now sold for over 12,000 cedis (120million old cedis),” a fisherman from the community explained.

It also emerged from the forum that under the NPP, pair trawling was fought seriously to the extent that some Chinese nationals were arrested and fined 48,000 dollars but under President Mahama and his NDC, trawlers have been registered and they have completely destroyed the fishing business of our local people.

The Senya roads which were constructed by President Kufuor were all included in the Green Book as Mahama achievement. Schools which according to the local people were constructed by private individuals were all added as achievements of the NDC.  This goes to confirm that the Green Book is of lies and propaganda.

The next venue of the ‘Truth Forum’ will be at Awutu this evening, Tuesday 29th, 2016.

Source: Office of Nana Akufo Addo

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