WhatsApp joins other messaging platforms with live location sharing


Sharing your current location with someone is a great way to passive-aggressively explain that you’re on your way when they ask where you are. But it also has other uses, and WhatsApp has now joined rivals Facebook Messenger and iMessage in offering the feature (with its own somewhat unique twist). The new feature will be available on both Android and iPhone ...

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Child safety smartwatches ‘easy’ to hack, watchdog says


Some smartwatches designed for children have security flaws that make them vulnerable to hackers, a watchdog has warned. The Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) tested watches from brands including Gator and GPS for Kids. It said it discovered that attackers could track, eavesdrop or even communicate with the wearers. The manufacturers involved insist the problems have either already been resolved or ...

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6 entrepreneurs awarded $124,900 grants by Climate Innovation Centre


Six Cohort One businesses from the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC), have been awarded grants totaling $ 124,900. The six business owners were awarded the Proof of Concept (PoC) grants, after “a competitive pitching process”, in which various companies present “profitable and locally-appropriate solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation in Ghana.” The companies are Alchemy Alternative Energy, Translight Solar, Ghana Bamboo Bikes, DAS Biogas, Global ...

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Google launches advanced Gmail security features for high-risk users


Alphabet’s Google Inc said on Tuesday it would roll out an “advanced protection program” to provide stronger email security for some users such as government officials, political activists and journalists who are at a higher risk of being targeted by sophisticated hackers. Google users will have the ability to opt in to security settings aimed at protecting Gmail, Google Drive ...

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Facebook buys weeks-old app for teens to be nice to each other


An app that encourages teens to be nice to each other has been acquired by Facebook for an undisclosed fee. The app – called tbh, meaning “to be honest” – is just nine weeks old, but had already been downloaded 5 million times. The app’s creators said it will remain a standalone program but will now have more resources thanks ...

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Lola Kassim now leads Uber West Africa


Ridesharing app for fast and reliable rides, Uber, has announced Lola Kassim as its new General Manager for West Africa. Her appointment comes after her predecessor, Ebi Atawodi, was made Product Manager, Global Payments Growth for Uber worldwide. She worked at McKinsey and Company for three and a half years, before joining Uber. She also worked as a governance adviser ...

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Twitter’s co founder vows to change anti-harassment policies


Jack Dorsey got the message. Probably. All day Friday, many women refused to tweet in protest of Twitter’s decision to suspend actress Rose McGowan’s account as she spoke out against Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood. Late Friday night, Dorsey — Twitter’s co-founder and CEO — responded to the #WomenBoycottTwitter movement. Protesters compared the company’s enforcement of a 12-hour suspension after ...

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Microwave breakthrough helps boost hard drive sizes

Web giants and large firms rely on cheap hard drives to store information in data centres.

The data-storing abilities of hard drives could soon swell to 40 terabytes (TB) and beyond, says Western Digital. Currently the largest hard disk drive (HDD) that stores data on spinning disks can hold about 14TB of information. Western Digital said the bigger drives were made possible by finding a way to use microwaves to write data on 3.5in drives. The ...

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Ghana to ratify Convention on Cybercrime by end of 2017

cyber crime

Ghana is set to ratify the Convention on Cybercrime, also known as the Budapest Convention, by the end of 2017, to enhance the country’s resolve to combat cybercrime. Albert Antwi-Boasiko, the National Cyber Security Advisor, told journalists at a media encounter in Accra on Thursday, that the document for ratification was at the Cabinet awaiting approval. He expressed optimism that ...

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Uber lodges appeal over London ban


Uber has filed an appeal against the decision by London authorities to deny it a licence to operate in London. Last month, Transport for London (TfL) refused Uber a new private hire licence, saying the ride-hailing firm was not fit and proper. TfL said it took the decision on the grounds of “public safety and security implications”. The appeal process ...

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