7 Questions you must ask yourself if you want love that lasts for a lifetime


Is it love, passion or just the right blend? During the heady, early days of a relationship, it is incredibly easy to mistake passion for lasting love. You might feel as if the whole world revolves around your partner, stare longingly into the distance when he is away, and feel butterflies in your stomach before each date. Yet, while passion ...

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How to make the first move on a guy

African American couple outside

According to the laws of nature, guys are supposed to make the first move. It’s common etiquette, right? These days, though, the onus is more and more on the lady to make the first move. After all, we’re fiercely independent and have our own minds and will, so why shouldn’t we make the first move on a guy who’s a ...

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Afanyi Dadzie writes: The other side of love; it’s not always beautiful


If anyone ever made you believe for a moment that love is simple, you have been deceived. Love is not only challenging, but also very convoluted. The complexity of it may be akin to a woman’s lamentations about the pain of pregnancy, and yet the excitement she exhibits when the baby is born; and shockingly the desire to still go ...

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5 things you must never do to your partner


Each relationship is unique in its own special way. There are a lot of factors responsible for a successful association and it requires effort from both sides to make it work. There are quite a number of things that are can turn off your partner and ruin the love between the two of you. Often people keep silent about these ...

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5 signs your boyfriend is emotionally immature


Relationships need to be handled with care. Are you sick of a boyfriend or husband constantly nagging and being self-centered? Does he cling to you without respecting your wishes or demands? Trying to figure why he’s doing this. Chances are he is emotionally immature. Here are some signs to figure out if you are dealing with an emotionally immature partner: ...

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Groom breaks down in tears as bride walks down the aisle [Video]


A groom has revealed the real reason he broke down in tears as he saw his bride walking down the aisle on their wedding day. Gabriel Deku, from London, was overcome with emotion as he saw his wife-to-be Annabella walking towards him at their lavish ceremony at St Martin In The Fields church at Trafalgar Square. Cameras captured the moment his ...

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Considering online dating? 10 pros and cons you need to know


Online dating is becoming a global phenomenon and, today, it is not at all unusual for people to use dating sites to find true love. In theory, dating sites take some of the chance out of dating, and they match you to people who have similar interests and lifestyles. There is no doubt that online dating does help some people ...

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Ignored red flags that kill love relationships

Broken Love

Sometimes when something ‘unexpected’ happens in our lives, we ask ourselves, ‘how did this happen? When did it come to this?’ But the truth is, somehow we always had a hint of it. We had an idea or a ‘feeling’ that it was going to happen. We just ignored the signs. And so it happens with romantic relationships, leading to ...

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10 Signs you are dating a wonderful guy and should never let him go

Couple relaxing together at home

Some people are so afraid of making mistakes, it stops them committing to a relationship even when they have found the perfect guy. They think about it, they worry about it, they ask their friends about it, and then, before they get around to doing something about it, their perfect man has got tired of waiting and gone on his ...

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8 Relationship rules you’ve to break to be happier in your relationships


When you’ve had your fair share of mistakes committed in the relationships you’ve been in, chances are you learn what relationship rules there are and do your best to live by them. But let’s face it. Most of these pieces of advice are obsolete and aren’t fit to all the kinds of situations you can find yourself in, making it ...

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