Cameron Duodu: Of dumsor and vultures [Article]

Cameron Duodu

Following the news can be a most soul-destroying exercise. But can we ever avoid doing it? The world will march on unconcerned, reducing the money in your pocket day after day, whether you follow the news about how and why your poverty might be increasing, or not! Trump won! The Electoral Commission chose to appeal to the Supreme Court over ...

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Sammy Darko writes : The silent majority; spiral of silence in motion


How did this just happen? Unusual, unexpected, strange, weird, unprecedented and now bizarre are but few of the words used by mainstream media to describe a bitter election that has produced Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States of America . Many have questioned my fixation as an African on the US elections, after all I am not a ...

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Martin Amidu lauds Donald Trump

Martin Amidu

A former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr Martin Amidu has congratulated the newly elected President of the United States of America, Donald Trump for defying political elite and the political establishment including the media to get the nod of American electorates. According to him, the people of America have voted for a new and changed political and democratic establishment ...

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NDC Republicans and NPP Democrats: The irony of political philosophy in Ghana [Article]


By now the results of the American election is taking shape as the polls closed 24 hours ago . The celebrations around the world for the winners will sing the same tune; centre right parties will celebrate with the republicans as center left parties will celebrate with the Democrats. In Ghana, (a country that has voted the same political philosophy ...

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You are not engaged, you are married; in defence of customary marriage [Article]


Abstract This paper, is a reaction to a developing trend among sections of Ghanaians in describing marriage duly conducted under custom as an ‘Engagement’. There is the need to correct this erroneous label and to resist any attempt to conceptualize customary marriage as ‘Engagement’. As a people we are defined by our unique cultural heritage it is therefore necessary to ...

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Dakpabli Read-athon: How social media is helping boost Ghana’s reading culture

Nana Awere Damoah (L) and Kofi Akpabli (R)

Two of Ghana’s contemporary authors are using social media to whip up a new culture in the country’s reading circles. The use of social media especially Facebook to drive the initiative is particularly poignant. The buzz is already catching up fast with most patrons hailing the initiative as a positive one, with demand for replication of their initiative across the ...

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A letter to the EC boss [Article]


Dear Mrs. Charlotte Osei, I am not sure why anyone would want to argue against your appointment as EC BOSS. Your gender means nothing and nobody really cares if you are a man or woman. Luck had less to do with it than courage, hard work, intelligence and hard-earned confidence. Of course, the challenges ahead are enormous, difficult and dangerous ...

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UK-based Rhoda Wilson promises ‘Christmas special’ for Ghana


The Western movie industry is usually characterized by African stories being portrayed with little-to-no-insight, as Africa is usually placed along the thematic lines of poverty and war. The brutish manner in which Africa is depicted,  has bred a lot of resentment, ignorance and stigma around the continent, but there a few people who are determined to change the status-quo. Rhoda ...

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The politics we have vrs the politics we need [Article]


Anyone who claims Ghana has had its politics and governance right is only peddling fiction. We’ve had terrible politics and governance, at least since the Fourth Republic. Yes, it’s been terrible till now and it’s even getting worse. The politics and governance we have had over the years is definitely not the one Kwame Nkrumah and the founders of our ...

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Anxiety over election timetable: Akoto Ampaw writes to EC

(EC Chairperson Charlotte Osei (L), Lawyer Akoto Ampaw (R) )

Private Legal practitioner, Akoto Ampaw, has written a letter to the Electoral Commission, demanding answers to seven questions following his fears that the election timetable on December 7, may be compromised. The letter was written in his capacity as a private citizen backed by Article 21 (1) (f) of the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. His fear, which has ...

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