250 Ghanaians have died from fuel explosions since 2007

The utter failure on the part of state regulatory institutions to clamp down on the haphazard siting of gas and other fuel stations in residential areas, has led to the death of over 250 people between 2007 and now.

This is made up deaths from domestic gas explosions, as well as explosions at gas filling stations, and generally from other petrol and diesel stations.

The latest incident, which occurred last Saturday at the Mansco gas filling station at Atomic Junction, near Madina, claimed seven lives.

Over 250 killed by gas explosions

It is estimated that about 255 persons died from reported cases involving Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) explosions between 2007 and 2015.

June 3 twin disaster killed 159

The most dangerous is tagged as the June 3 twin disasters which happened in 2015, and claimed 159 lives due to a flood and fire disaster at a GOIL filing station at Circle in Accra.

96 Killed

Before the June 3 twin disasters, estimates indicate that about 96 people were killed since 2007.

2016: Trade Fair gas explosion killed 12

In 2016, 12 people died from gas expositions at the Louis Gas Liquefied Petroleum Gas Refilling Plant at La, Accra.

2016: Bole gas explosion killed 6

In August 28, 2016, six people died from gas explosion at Tinga in the Bole District of the Northern Region.

LPG explosion accounts for 44% deaths from burn cases annually

According to the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burns Centre, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) explosions account for 33% of all burns cases reported in the country every year.

Out of an average of 300 burns cases recorded yearly, LPG explosion accounts for 44% of the mortality rate, a situation he describes as worrying since most of the accidents were preventable.

2017: Atomic Junction explosion killed 7

Dozens got injured, mostly suffering burns, after a huge explosion at a fuel distribution site following the offloading of gas from a tanker at the Mansco gas filling station.

As of the time of filing this report, a statement from the Ministry of Information said at least seven people had died and 132 were injured.

64 Injured persons discharged

According to the release, 64 injured persons had been treated and discharged, whiles 68 injured persons  were still receiving treatment

The blast on Saturday evening was heard across much of the eastern part of Accra.

Fireball in the sky

The blast sent a giant fireball into the sky above, causing frightened residents to flee their homes in large numbers.

The fire brought in its wake huge explosions, which were sighted in areas like Legon, Dome and Achimota.

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