TOR ordered to supply premix on weekends

The Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye, has revealed that the Tema Oil Refinery has been ordered to work on weekends to produce more premix fuel for fishermen.

A shortage of premix fuel hit the country in July this year, with some fishermen threatening to go on demonstrations over it. Afoley Quaye at the time attributed this shortage to faulty pumps at the Tema Oil Refinery.

According to the minister, the president gave this order after realising that the premix fuel that is currently available is not enough to meet demand.

“You were getting enough premix fuel from January to June but the supply has gone down in the peak season. Because of this, the president has ordered Tema Oil Refinery to start working on weekends to get you more premix fuel to work with,” the minister told the people of Ekumfi, a fishing community in the Central Region.

Shortage of Premix Fuel

Fishermen have been complaining about the inadequate supply of premix fuel to meet their needs.

According to them, the shortage has compelled them to stay out of business for a while.

TOR denies responsibility for premix shortage

TOR, however, came out to dismiss claims that challenges with its pump systems have contributed to the shortage.

The refinery has said that its systems are all in good condition and that it has the capacity to produce to meet demand.

By: Jeffrey Owuraku Sarpong

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