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Looking at possible causes for ‘Unhappy Ghanaians’ [Article]

My concern as a transformational coach and Healing of Memories trained is not with the 2018 World Happiness Report and how Ghana was placed per say but the years of denial that all is not well is my greatest worry. Our means to discuss such aspect of our society is very limited. We have grown very intemperate in so many ...

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Somalia, Nigeria happier countries than Ghana – Report

The conditions existing in Nigeria and Somalia make them happier countries than Ghana. This is according to the latest World Happiness Report. The report, which was released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations on March 14, days before World Happiness Day on March 20, placed Nigeria 17 places above Ghana in the 156-country list. Ghana placed 108th ...

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Ghana 131st happiest country in the world – Report

Ghana has been ranked the 131st happiest country to live in, according to the new report. Dubbed “World Happiness Report 2017’, the report ranked 155 countries in the world based on key indicators including GDP, healthy life expectancy, freedom of choice and corruption perception. According to the report, Norway is the happiest country in the world with the Central African ...

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