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Red Day blues: To love or not to love [Article]

Mindless spending or very miserly ways, endless disappointments after a day of triumph, more plots and sub-plots than a Golden Globe-winning script and misguided characters thinking they have a smidgen of a chance. Oh, and it’s all done in red. And no I’m not talking about Arsene Wenger and his group of lackeys in London although Jose Mourinho and his ...

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Sayvee releases new Val’s day song

Saviour Kweku Adzika, known in showbiz circles are Corp Sayvee has finally released his Val’s day song titled “Love forever.” The Takoradi-based rapper and singer, signed on to Sound Lion records, released a peace song in the run up to the 2016 general elections today Tuesday, February 14, released the love song. The song, whose video is yet to be ...

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Thou Priceless Pearl – (A Poem To That Special Woman)

You are a matchless and priceless pearl Your glistening beauty not only lies in your endearing visage But also in your heart Soul and smiles Like an artist Your physique is the very image I have drawn in my heart’s eyes for decades And when you stroll in those legs And alluring skin My eyes see none other I can ...

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Pakistani court issues nationwide ban on Valentine’s Day

The Islamabad High Court in Pakistan’s capital issued an order Monday that banned the celebration of Valentine’s Day across the country ‘with immediate effect.’ The order prohibits the display of adverts on electronic and print media that reference Valentine’s Day, bans the sale of associated merchandise and states that the day cannot be celebrated in “any public space or government ...

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