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Spotify signs crucial Warner Music deal


Spotify has signed a new licensing deal with Warner Music Group, paving the way for the music streaming service to go public. Warner was the last of the three big record labels to agree to renewed terms to make its catalogue available to Spotify’s 140 million users. However, Spotify has been forced to agree to some limitations to get the ...

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Spotify removes white supremacy music after events in Charlottesville


Spotify has removed several white supremacist bands from its service, following recent events at Charlottesville in America. Earlier this week, a music news website published a list of 37 “white power” bands which were being streamed online. Less than 48 hours later, Spotify announced they had removed some of the bands from its service in America. The Swedish company says it is ...

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Google to add ‘news feed’ to website and app


Google is adding a personalised Facebook-style news feed to its homepage – -to show users content they may be interested in before they search. It will display news stories, features, videos and music chosen on the basis of previous searches by the same user. Users will also be able to click a “follow” button on search results to add ...

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Spotify denies promoting ‘fake artists’


Music streaming service Spotify has denied that some of its playlists contain music tracks by “fake artists”. A music industry publication listed 50 artists it claimed were not real. They have racked up millions of streams by appearing on mood-based playlists such as Sleep and Ambient Chill, but many have no other visible profile. However, one industry expert told the ...

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Frances reveals Paul McCartney’s songwriting tips


Beware of Frances: She’s on a one-woman mission to force all the water in your body out through your tear ducts. Nominated for the Brits critics’ choice award and the BBC Sound of 2016, the singer has a knack for achingly beautiful ballads that tug at the heartstrings. Songs like Let It Out and Say It Again have earned her ...

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Spotify patches ‘data gobbling’ glitch


Music service Spotify is rolling out a fix to stop its desktop application repeatedly writing huge amounts of junk data to computer users’ hard drives. Reporters from new site Ars Technica found Spotify was writing up to 10GB of data an hour to their computers. Unnecessarily writing and rewriting data to some types of computer hard drive can shorten their ...

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Spotify ads ‘launched virus pop-ups’


Spotify says it has fixed a problem in its software that let rogue adverts automatically open virus-infected websites on a victim’s device. The so-called malvertising affected Spotify’s subscription-free service on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. People reported that virus-infected pop-up websites were appearing while they listened to music. Spotify said in a statement: “We have now identified the source of ...

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