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13 questions to figure out if he’s the one

Lovely Couple

Ponder the answers to these 13 questions to discover your partner’s true place in your life and reveal if they’re really the one … We meet someone special and we radiate joy… We can’t help it – the prospect of a brand new relationship leaves us brimming with excitement. Yet we hesitate, we don’t want to waste time and energy ...

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9 signs you and your lover are compatible

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The chemistry is off the charts. He checks off all your boxes. She is everything you ever wanted in a partner. But are you compatible? According to marriage counselors, compatibility is key to a life-long partnership. “Compatibility is more important than love ― believe it or not ― and goes hand in hand with respect and communication at the top,” therapist ...

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Ten signs you’ve found your perfect match


A lot of us grow up dreaming of Prince Charming. We know we’ll probably have to go through a few different guys before finding our Prince, but we’re ready to be patient. Sometimes, the perfect match comes when you least expect it. After a few weeks or months with a guy, you start to ask if he’s actually you the ...

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10 Tips on how to meet a good guy


After dating Mr Wrong, Mr Loser, Mr Lazy, Mr Rude and Mr WTF it can be verydisheartening. Most women who have suffered from too many bad relationships would probably be ready to throw in the towel altogether, quit dating men and become crazy cat ladies. Hey, it’s probably easier. But before you shut yourself away with several cats, hear me ...

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9 signs your boyfriend isn’t ready to propose


If you’ve been dating your man for more than a year, you, your mother and everyone else around you are probably wondering when he’s going to propose … If you’re a typical girl, you are likely to have thought about marriage and kids at least once in your life Come on, you know it’s the truth. If you’ve been dating ...

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Ten creative tips on how to apologize to your boyfriend


It’s really hard to admit when we’re wrong! We all make mistakes, but pride often comes before a fall and so we’d rather not have to say that we’re sorry. Sometimes, we keep an argument going simply because we just don’t want to hold our hands up and confess the errors of our ways. But admitting you are wrong and ...

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8 ways to strengthen your relationship


Love is perhaps our most powerful emotion, and the need to be in a loving relationship may be one of the strongest needs we have. Being in an intimate relationship makes us feel connected, not only to our partner, but also to the world at large. When our hearts are filled with love, we feel profoundly content and satisfied. We ...

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13 things guys love about a long-term relationship

Black Couples

Is it the love and acceptance or is it the possibility of having sex everyday? What do guys like most about being in a long-term relationship? 1. A sense of stability. Single life is confusing and horrifying and forces you to meet new people constantly. It’s exhausting. Dating someone long -term is warm and safe, like sleeping inside a relationship ...

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Eight future relationship trends that will soon become the norm


Relationships are changing. The relationships of today are far different, not just from the ones our parents and grandparents knew, but even the ones people found themselves in just 10 years ago. Long gone are the days of marital necessity, and in are the days of realizing love can exist without long-term commitment where independence and freedom are what really make a ...

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You don’t pick the person you love


Destiny does not exist — neither does love at first sight. There isn’t “the one” person out there for anyone. These are all reinforcements we tell ourselves to explain the mundane and simple truth: The timing of successful relationships is what allowed them to work. Sure, it’s romantic to believe that fate brings you and a significant other together. More realistically, ...

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