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Ten stages of falling in love you need to know about


Love is a wonderful topic, and one we like to talk about often. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at the ten stages of falling in love you need to know about. How amazing is love? When you feel your heart beat a little faster each time you think of him, you know you’re in love. When you get ...

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The 5 Secrets we keep that can destroy a relationship


Honesty is a necessary ingredient for a lasting relationship. However, there are certain things about us and our past that are hard to admit and better left unsaid. Past behavior can be a predictor of future behavior but that is not always the case. You want someone to love you the way you are right now and not judge you ...

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10 Texting tips every girl needs to know about


In 2017, girls have one major advantage over anything their parents and grandparents ever had: They can text their crushes. In the past, women either had to talk to their crushes on the phone, in person (IKR!), or not talk at all. Now, we have texting. Which makes things SO much easier. Right? … Right? Well, actually. Not quite. To keep ...

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To truly love is to hurt sometimes, laugh sometimes & cry sometimes


Hell is easy and getting there is easier.  How difficult is it to give in to lust and commit fornication? Selfishness, hatred, greed, lying, fornication are all easy vices. Unconditional love, blind faith, acts of service, selflessness, on the other hand, can be very hard.  Heaven, therefore, is hard to get into. You have to resist temptations which are very hard. ...

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7 things women hate in a relationship

Angry Couple

In the past I have written about what men want from women and what they don’t want … but what exactly turns women off? … What makes a woman think twice about a relationship, and what behaviour can have her partner sleeping on the couch for the rest of the week? In my practice, I encourage both partners to air ...

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9 signs he’s not ready to propose


If you’ve been dating your man for more than a year, you, your mother and everyone else around you are probably wondering when he’s going to propose. If you’re a typical girl, you are likely to have thought about marriage and kids at least once in your life Come on, you know it’s the truth. If you’ve been dating your ...

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8 Ways to be the man every girl dreams of


How to be the man all girls dream? This is the question that has been worrying the minds of mankind for hundreds of years. Who is the real man? We hear about him from everywhere, from the very first years of conscious life, no matter who you are – a man or a woman. A certain ideal of masculinity makes ...

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Think children will save your marriage? Think again [Article]


Having a happy family, marriage and personal life takes work and balance. Lots of it … My husband and I were so happy and carefree before children … We took regular strolls hand-in-hand. Smashed many, many happy hours, followed by a quiet dinner. The weekends were magical days filled with whatever we wanted. We were so happy and madly in ...

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11 Reasons why you must date a journalist


As far as popular belief exists, dating a journalist is not easy. They are not minting money as much as their counter parts and in many cases are even workaholics. Yes, it may not be easy peasy but who isn’t up for a challenge. It’s certainly not as dull as it is projected and dating a journalist can be quite ...

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Unintentional things women do that cause sudden, unwanted arousals

African American Couple

“Gosh! I am so wet!”“It’s raining like crazy out there!” What registered was the first statement uttered when an attractive female co-worker walked into my office on a rainy day a couple of years ago. Her unintentional and innocent statement triggered an instant, raging standing ovation. I happened to be sitting down behind my desk at that moment and was ...

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