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Websites hacked to mint crypto-cash

School, charity and file-sharing websites have been caught out by scammers who are using them to generate crypto-cash. Hackers have managed to install code on the sites that uses visitors’ computers to “mine” the cyber-currencies. One scan of the most popular websites found hundreds harbouring the malicious mining code. By getting lots of computers to join the networks, attackers can ...

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Crypto-cash investors duped in funding scam

Cyber-thieves are believed to have stolen about $500,000 (£390,000) in the Ethereum crypto-currency, with an investment scam. The thieves hijacked the website of finance security start-up Enigma and posted messages saying it was about to launch its own currency. Many people keen to cash in transferred ethereum to the thieves’ account. In response, Enigma shut down its website and adopted ...

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Northern Region records 1,278 stillbirths in 2013

The Northern Region recorded a total of 87,765 in deliveries in 2013 across the various health facilities of the Ghana Health Service, out of which 1,278 were stillbirths. Some 492 of the survived deliveries died under age one,  while the first quarter of 2014 had already recorded 21,637 deliveries, with 67 of them dying under age one, and 322  stillbirths. ...

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