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What really happened in Turkey on July 15, 2016: An alternative to the Turkish gov’t narrative

On July 15, 2016, Turkey experienced a horrific event: an unsuccessful military coup. But a year after the tragedy, questions about what really happened remain unanswered. What we know for sure is that the failed coup provided President Erdoğan with an excellent excuse to consolidate his power: despite widespread claims of voter fraud, he secured a narrow victory in an ...

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Equatorial Guinea says it thwarted ‘coup’ in December 2017

The West African state of Equatorial Guinea said Wednesday it had thwarted “a coup” in late December mounted by mercenaries who sought to attack President Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Africa’s longest-serving leader. In a statement read on public radio, Security Minister Nicolas Obama Nchama said: “Mercenaries… were recruited by Equatorial Guinean militants from certain radical opposition parties with the support of ...

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US House Intel Chair says it’s ‘hard to believe’ Gulen was behind Turkey coup

The United State House Intelligence Committee chairman has said it is “hard to believe” that U.S.-based Turkish cleric, Fethullah Gulen, is behind the military coup attempt last summer, questioning Turkey as a reliable ally. “I find that hard to believe,” David Nunes told Chris Wallace from Fox News when asked if cleric Fethullah Gulen is the architect of the coup ...

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German spy agency chief doubtful Gulen was behind Turkey coup attempt

The Turkish government has failed to convince Germany’s BND foreign intelligence agency that United States based cleric, Fethullah Gulen, was behind last summer’s failed coup in Turkey, the BND head told a German magazine. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish government accuse Gulen of orchestrating Turkey’s failed coup on July 15 2016, in which more than 240 people were ...

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I want an international probe into failed Turkey coup – Fethullah Gülen

On the night of July 15, 2017, Turkey went through the most catastrophic tragedy in its recent history as a result of the attempted military coup. The events of that night could be called a serious terror coup. Turkish people from all walks of life who thought the era of military coups was over showed solidarity against the coup and ...

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