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Uber, beset by scandal, faces battle over ‘destructive’ lawsuit

FILE PHOTO -  A man arrives at the Uber offices in Queens, New York

Ride-services company Uber is facing a divided board of directors and angry shareholders after investor Benchmark Capital filed a lawsuit against the company’s ousted chief executive, Travis Kalanick, dealing another blow to the firm as it struggles to recover from a series of scandals and hire a new leader. On Friday morning, three Uber investors asked Benchmark to divest its ...

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Soundcloud survives money scare


Music streaming service Soundcloud will live on after securing a reported $170m (£135m) in investment. The platform, popular with emerging artists, faced closure if the new funding was not approved by Friday. “Soundcloud is here to stay,” wrote Alexander Ljung, the company’s chairman, who as part of the deal is stepping down as the firm’s chief executive. Concerned users had ...

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Solar panel tech ‘vulnerable to hackers’


Hackers could target electricity grids through security flaws in solar panel equipment, a Dutch researcher has said. Willem Westerhof found 17 vulnerabilities in inverters, which convert electricity produced by the panels so it can be used on the grid. He said internet-connected inverters could be targeted by hackers. One manufacturer said that only “a small fraction” of its devices were ...

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Facebook’s app for under-21s Lifestage flops


Facebook has killed off a video-focused app targeted at under-21s less than a year after it was launched. Lifestage was designed to connect students going to the same school or university, making all of their posts available to each other. But it faced criticism for having limited privacy controls and a “confusing” user interface. The firm told Business Insider it ...

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Skype now lets you send money via PayPal


Skype’s recent redesign may be the source of much divisiveness, but that isn’t stopping Microsoft from adding new features. Starting today, you can now send money via PayPal right from your conversations. It’s a shot across the bow to Facebook, which has long support payments via Messenger, not to mention Apple, which is implementing a similar feature via Apple Pay ...

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Facebook drone in successful test flight

The drone flew at an altitude of 3,000ft, much lower than Facebook eventually wants its fleet to fly

Facebook has completed a second test of a solar-powered drone designed to bring internet access to remote parts of the world. The drone – dubbed Aquila – flew for one hour and 46 minutes in Arizona. On Aquila’s maiden voyage last summer, the autopilot system was confused by heavy wind and crash-landed. This time, the drone flew at an altitude ...

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Gmail to end ad-targeting email scans


Google’s decision to stop scanning Gmail users’ emails in order to target them with personalised adverts has been given a qualified welcome by privacy campaigners. The tech firm revealed the change in a blog at the end of last week. Google promised to make the move before the year’s end to bring the consumer version of Gmail in line with ...

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Apple Mac computers targeted by ransomware and spyware


Mac users are being warned about new variants of malware that have been created specifically to target Apple computers. One is ransomware that encrypts data and demands payment before files are released. The other is spyware that watches what users do and scoops up valuable information. Experts said they represented a threat because their creators were letting anyone use them ...

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Digital inclusion program launched in Ghana

File photo

Digital for Inclusion (D41) program has been launched in Accra. D41 is a collaborative initiative between Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC), the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI), the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and Zeepay Ghana Limitd (Zeepay), a digital financial services Company. D4I was developed to improve the digital economy through interconnection. The partnership ...

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YouTube clarifies ‘hate speech’ rules


YouTube has clarified its rules on hate speech to enable video-makers to know which content it considers to be “advertiser-friendly”. In a blog post, the video-sharing website said it would not allow adverts to appear alongside “hateful” or discriminatory content. YouTube said it was making the changes to “address advertiser concerns around where their advertisements are placed”. But some bloggers ...

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