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‘Old age’ won’t stop Amidu from performing – Casely-Hayford

Sidney Casely Hayford

Anti-corruption crusader Sydney Casley Hayford has dismissed concerns that Special Prosecutor nominee Martin Amidu might be too old to head the new Office. Former deputy Attorney General, Dominic Ayine, has filed a suit at the Supreme Court challenging 66-year-old Amidu’s nomination for the post arguing that he had exceeded the maximum age of retirement in the public service. According to ...

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‘We’ve never been serious’ to collate employment data – Sydney

Financial analyst and social commentator, Sydney Casley Hayford, has said it is troubling that the country has not been able to put together credible data on the country’s employed and unemployed population. According to him, this is something all successive governments have struggled with for a long time. [contextly_sidebar id=”txPX4QdHGrNEY3cI9S5hh6huKJQp1k9t”]Speaking on the Citi FM’s analysis programme, The Big Issue, he ...

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6 months too early to expect results – Casley Hayford

Anti-corruption crusader, Sydney Casley Hayford has described as premature, the criticisms against the Akufo-Addo government. The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) had described as abysmal, the performance of the Akufo-Addo government in its first 6 months. According to the NDC, the party had failed on many fronts, especially in the fight against corruption since it assumed office on January 7. ...

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Mahama behaving like Donald Trump with media cabal allegation – Casley Hayford

Anti corruption crusader, Sydney Casley Hayford has likened President Mahama to Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, following his [President Mahama]comments that a certain group of people are blocking government’s transformation message. President Mahama in an interview with the Ovation Magazine said a certain group of people have taken control of the Ghanaian media and are blocking his government’s message, a ...

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