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Row over AI that ‘identifies gay faces’


A facial recognition experiment that claims to be able to distinguish between gay and heterosexual people has sparked a row between its creators and two leading LGBT rights groups. The Stanford University study claims its software recognises facial features relating to sexual orientation that are not perceived by human observers. The work has been accused of being “dangerous” and “junk ...

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The ‘creepy Facebook AI’ story that captivated the media


The newspapers have a scoop today – it seems that artificial intelligence (AI) could be out to get us. “‘Robot intelligence is dangerous’: Expert’s warning after Facebook AI ‘develop their own language'”, says the Mirror. Similar stories have appeared in the Sun, the Independent, the Telegraph and in other online publications. It sounds like something from a science fiction film – ...

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Ford pledges $1bn for AI start-up


Car giant Ford has announced that it is investing $1bn (£800m) over the next five years in artificial intelligence (AI) company Argo. The firms will collaborate on developing a virtual driver system for driverless cars. Ford intends to have an autonomous vehicle ready to launch in 2021. Argo was founded by CEO Brian Salesky and chief operating officer Peter Rander, ...

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Google, Facebook, Amazon join forces on future of AI


The world’s biggest technology companies are joining forces to consider the future of artificial intelligence. Amazon, Google’s DeepMind, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft will work together on issues such as privacy, safety and the collaboration between people and AI. Dubbed the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, it will include external experts. One said he hoped the group would address “legitimate concerns”. “We’ve ...

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