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‘Old age’ won’t stop Amidu from performing – Casely-Hayford

Sidney Casely Hayford

Anti-corruption crusader Sydney Casley Hayford has dismissed concerns that Special Prosecutor nominee Martin Amidu might be too old to head the new Office. Former deputy Attorney General, Dominic Ayine, has filed a suit at the Supreme Court challenging 66-year-old Amidu’s nomination for the post arguing that he had exceeded the maximum age of retirement in the public service. According to ...

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8 Tips on how to look younger than your age

As the years tick by, more and more we find ourselves wishing we had our own personal time machine to wind back the years and the effects of them on our appearance. There’s a lot to be said about growing old gracefully, (after all, our lines and wrinkles are testament to the fun, chaotic, beautiful lives we’ve had), but knocking ...

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