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Who are we?

Citi 97.3 FM is an English-speaking radio station that operates from Adabraka in Accra, the capital of Ghana. We can be heard on 97.3 megahertz and on

The Citi 97.3 FM radio brand is refreshingly different in that it combines a comprehensive and credible news function, backed by innovative listener-driven on air programmes, and exciting promotions with vibrant audience participation.

The station is well-noted to be listener-focused with innovative on-air programs, promotions, outdoor events and comprehensive news. The station has become known as a strong advocate for consumer issues, including road safety, sanitation, education, good health care, security and so on.

Citi 97.3 FM covers the vibrant Ghanaian political scene with objective and balanced live reports, news features and documentaries as well as regular round-table discussions on pertinent issues.
Citi 97.3 FM is also noted for relevant events like the Citi Business Olympics, the Money Fair, the MOGO Festival, to name a few.



Our main programs include the award-winning Citi Breakfast Show, Brunch in the Citi, Traffic Avenue, and the Flagship Eyewitness News. We run the annual Management Development Month, the 10 days of investment and the Heritage Month Series.

Citi 97.3 Fm’s commitment to analytical business news has gained the confidence of listeners and advertisers alike. We have championed the cause of healthy discussion with our Citi fm roundtable which is a platform for in-depth discussion of important issues, with divergent views being represented.


Which awards have we won?

Citi FM, in 2012, was recognized as the most Innovative Newsroom in Africa for its use of digital media including online, social and mobile media in its news gathering and dissemination process at the 16th Telkom Highway Africa Awards 2012. The station’s news and current affairs program, Eyewitness News, was adjudged Best Radio Program of the Year for 2011 by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana. One of the station’s journalists; Umaru Sanda Amadu has also received an international award for promoting peace on the African continent. He was awarded the 1st Prize in the “Jury’s Special Award” for the 2012 Radio for Peace Building Africa (RFPA) Competition.

Our radio station was recognized by the BBC in 2007 as new radio station of the year and the Citi Breakfast Show awarded the talk/interactive show of the year in the same year. The station’s products have also won awards with the most recent being Richard Sky winning health report of the year award. Citi 97.3 FM has also been acknowledged by the Ghana Journalists Association for its objective and balanced coverage of political stories in the interest of good governance and peace building.

Citi FM’s Shamima Muslim was adjudged the Radio Newscaster of the Year 2011 in the English Category at the Globa Radio and Television Personality Awards.


Advertising on Citi 97.3 FM

The news team is backed by a vibrant sales and client service team that creates tailored products for advertisers and clients. Citi 97.3FM’s key strength lies in our ability to design tailored advertising and promotional packages for businesses in a fast and cost effective manner. Your products, events and services will get to an ever growing audience of engaging listeners and patrons who believe in the credibility of what we communicate.


Citi FM contacts
Phone Numbers: 0550-585832, 0202-063598
Email: [email protected]
Location: No. 11 Dr. Morton Loop, Adabraka, Accra Ghana.


  1. Good afternoon, please i want to know how to apply for the COPE sponsorship. Thank you.

  2. Unfair treatments by the school.
    [email protected]
    Today at 8:26 AM
    All this event happened between 19th-22nd October, 2014 in Aggrey mem. a.m.e zion shs.

    about some students bullying and molesting students of shs 2 on
    one sunday evening right after prep. to the exception of it all i was
    however made to proceed an indefinite suspension on 21st October, 2014.

    To speak on the behalf of the whole 57 students, this is our
    account as to what happened. Right after prep there was a normal
    tradition were when an shs 1 student is moving to the next class, we
    engage them in some sort of JAMA. however on that faithful day some shs 3
    students beat some shs 1 students with belt and what have you. But then
    something else happend. Some seniors used belts on certain form 1s. The
    names of all the students who did that were however compiled.

    On Monday 20st october, 2014, the names were mentioned at assembly
    by the assistant headmaster by name Mr. Koomson Barnes. In all we were
    57 in number. Unexpectedly, certain names or people among the 57 were
    however innocent. what vividly shows that the list were ingenuine was
    that a boy who was at the hospital before the incident happened names
    was mentioned among the list of boys. Many seniors whose name were
    mentioned were not even present as at the incidence.

    We consistently tried making the asst. headmaster give us a hearing
    but to no avail. This is to mean every suspect is however guilty whether
    pleaded guilty or not. On the next day which was Tuesday 21st October,
    2014, all the 57students were given letters to tell that we have been
    indefinitely suspended for no reason. He however put us in the school
    bus and droped us at the bus station in town without letting us take
    anything along. Worst of it all some students did not even have
    transportation fair to take them home. At the bus station we reported to
    him, but he however gave us an ackward response saying We should go beg
    for money on the street or better still carry passengers luggages.

    Some elderly people at the bus station asked us to report to the
    Regional Co ordinating Council and they re-directed us to the Ghana
    education office at Cape Coast. The office however ridirected us back to
    the school. and mind you all this movement were on foot.

    When we got to the school we were all summoned in one classroom by
    the Heads and told us that all our effort proved futile for we would
    still be going home on suspension. With this, the school sought not to
    listen or perhaps give us a hearing. We were made to leave the school
    today 22nd October, 2014. So to speak there is an organ of the school
    which is try you whether guilty or not but they did not however even
    listen to the innocent ones.

    on, a student among us had repoerted to the media about what had
    happened. The Headmaster was called and he however refused to talk to
    the media team. We were however threatened by the Headmaster for
    reporting to the media and said he was going to worsen our punishment.

    on the behalf of the students who have been suspended, i would like
    to alert your media team and however place the school under questioning
    for such an act. for every individual is entitled to his right to be
    tried before pleaded guilty or not. He also said he could decide to
    dismiss all of us if he wills. He reframed the story to a media as to
    how it would leave the school unquestionable but if am to say, hes
    telling lies.

    Please again we are counting on your efforts to be re-instated back
    into the school. You can reach me on [email protected] so as to
    avoid unvailing my identity or leave a message on 0546775380 or call.
    P.O BOX 189,


  4. I’m sorry but any well run economy will start this from a policy framework. Government don’t create jobs that is the work of entrepreneurs! But we must focus on longer lasting infrastructures such as train lines to the remote farming areas and above all we m ust do away from “shortermism” from our ruling parties. Let us go back to the national development plan. Which any party seeking to rule must support it – Period. I have a large farm I cannot source funding from any financial institution in Ghana and then you talk about local content – tweaa and then you give farmers Joy Daddy bitters – Dominic Achimota

    Justice as always said “if delayed then it is definitely been denied”. But scholars of the law do argue that “it is rather the wheels of justice that moves slowly but it is never denied”. In my attempt to test if indeed justice delayed is justice denied or perhaps it is rather the wheels of justice that moves slowly as we have been told to believe.
    Well let me refresh your minds a bit.7th November 2012 will be one memorable date that most Ghanians will always remember, when six storey shopping mall structure owned by the melcom group of companies, Achimota branch, collapsed in the early hours of that sorrowful day. The unfortunate incident claimed about 14 lives and injured scores of others. This plunge the whole nation into a state of mourning in the melcom disaster. The nation therefore, turned it anger on the owner of the building, the melcom authorities and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly for being negligence.
    Again on 24th February 2014, that was on Monday evening when a certain humiliating and embarrassing video went on viral on the various social media networks across the globe, revealing three ladies believed to be students of the country’s premier University thus the University of Ghana, were subjected to an abusive treatments by security men at Mr. Price clothing shop in the Accra mall, after staffs of the shop caught them for allegedly shoplifting panties.
    Some Ghanians upon hearing the news and watching the video condemned the actions by the security men, and even the former president J.J Rawlings as well as some stake holders including the ministry of Gender, Children and Social protection came out as it were to also condemn the act and describe it as barbaric and inhumane.
    The police administration also described the incident as a violation to human right and immediately opened investigations into the case and arrested six security men who were alleged to be at the center of the dehumanizing treatment meted out to the three ladies. The arrest was made known to the public, when the public relations officer at the Greater Accra Regional Command, deputy superintendent of police (DSP) Freeman Tettey briefed the daily graphic on 28th of February 2014.
    Again on the same month earlier to be specific on the 5th of February 2014, Madam Suwaiba Abdul Mumin delivered a baby boy at the labor ward of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in the Ashanti Region. Her delivery was confirmed a stillbirth by the hospital authorities. When she requested to be shown the body of her dead baby, the midwives on duty could not produce the body. The bodies of another four babies allegedly delivered stillborn could also not be accounted for.
    The story was suspicious and made headlines in most of the mass communication mediums. Seven people were charged but were granted bail. The then minister in charge for heath madam Sherry Ayittey directed the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital along with the doctor and midwife who were on duty to proceed on indefinite leave.
    Now the questions I seek answers to is, has the victims been denied justice because it is being delayed or the villains have been freed because the wheels of justice are moving slowly? Where is our justice? We are starving for it.I trust your guess is good as mine.



    It is over twenty years now since we started practicing democracy
    to show our sense of political maturity and our understanding of the rule of
    governance. Undoubtedly, this has stood the text of time with great excellence
    even in the most crucial and indecisive circumstances. The democracy of Ghana
    can be compared to non when it comes to Africa if not the world as a whole. The
    system of decentralization has also brought about better avenues for good
    governance, development and expansion in the number of representations in the
    house of parliament. Where necessary, new districts and constituencies have
    been created to facilitate the good intentions of the various political leaders
    if not to their advantage. Elections come and go but they conditions of the ordinary
    Ghanaian never change for the better, we are faced with serious economic crisis
    with very poor economic policies which our leaders constantly refuse to see and
    accept as challenges but continuously buttress their actions with book
    explanations. In fact if governance was
    all about book knowledge, Ghanaian politicians would have been making the best
    grades among their colleagues in the world. Every government comes in with very
    good policies which most at times never get executed and forgotten in the archives
    of the various ministries to gather dust and waiting to be burned by an
    accidental fire. The issue of women making thirty percent of government has
    never been accomplished which I think is very bad for us as a country. Whilst
    women have been elected presidents in other countries, being an assembly member
    is very difficult for them in Ghana. I know for sure if ministerial appointment
    was also through the ballot, no woman would have been one in the country. Is it
    that our women are different from the the rest in other parts of the world? The
    calling by the Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Freddy Blay, for
    the opposition party’s National Executive Committee’s (NEC) decision to
    disallow male Members of Parliament(MPs) from contesting female MPs in the
    upcoming parliamentary primaries is a good one and should strictly be adhered
    to and emulated by other parties as well. In other to increase women
    participation in government, wouldn’t it be prudent to allow only women
    candidacy as MPs in newly created districts and constituency for a certain
    period provided they are interested in those seats before giving male
    counterparts the opportunity to file. The Ghanaian woman is very industrious
    and knowledgeable. I see them as the pivot for change of the current situations
    we’re facing as a country. They women aspiring for the presidential seat should
    continue with their intentions without fear nor favour but with persistence and
    prayer. At fifty eight, we’re still borrowing to stabilize the cedi, seek for
    other alternatives of generating electricity, produce crude yet we pay heavily
    for fuel when the world price is low, the agricultural sector is producing
    under annual targets, standards in the educational system keep on depreciating,
    the health sector is in a deplorable condition, almost all they ministries
    cannot execute their mandate, to mention just a few in the vast blessings with
    natural resources. We need to wake up and put Ghana first for political parties
    and politicians will come and go. Ghana will only be a better country tomorrow
    if we start doing the things right presently. GOD BLESS OUR HOMELAND.

  7. Some heppen in kasoa clinic i went there with my brother around 11pm we waited for about 2 hrs in cue then to my surprise the doctor just open he’s office look at us for some time and told us that he is sleeping


    “What did you say your name is again? The big man
    asks and continue talking, you see, your credentials are very good as your CV clearly
    states. You are qualified for the job but the challenge we have here is that you
    do not have any working experience, please try elsewhere. Wish you well.”

    These are the kind of words graduates patiently hear
    all the time after responding to job vacancies and following due processes. Pathetic,
    isn’t it? The fate of the university graduate.

    The news that the government has lifted the band on
    the public sector employment is warmly welcomed. The stakeholders summit which
    the government intends to host in Accra today with the aim to devise strategies
    to address the growing unemployment issues in the country under the
    auspices of the ministry of employment
    and labour relations. It is anticipated that 500 participants from both the
    formal and the informal sectors will be attending to share knowledge and best
    practices in creating jobs in the country where the president of the republic
    is expected to give the opening address on the theme “inclusive growth through
    creation of productive employment and decent work for all Ghanaians.”

    The summit is a step in the right direction but I
    strongly believe that this will not solve the problem of mass unemployment in
    the country. The country has a very bad situation of people who are due for
    retirement still in active service either by contract or other means and make
    the situation looks like the city’s choked gutters after a heavy downpour. Most
    of them have also reduced their ages drastically to enable them avoid pension
    is one of the issues affecting employment in the country.

    Three to five years working experience is no small
    joke and as such should be discouraged completely. Where is the job experience
    if one has never been given the opportunity to exhibit his or her ability in a
    practical situation? Once every employee had a first time, why the change these

    It is my prayer that this summit will address all
    these issues and the rest to put smiles on the faces of the unemployed and hope
    that it doesn’t turn into another political talk summit with empty or long term
    promises. The time to act is now. GOD BLESS MY HOMELAND.


    Little would one have thought that the recent human
    attacks on foreigners in south Africa would come to pass forgetting so soon how
    these other African countries supported them in one way or the other through
    their struggle in the days of apartheid. Today, they brothers and sisters in
    south Africa being nationals of other African countries are seen as a treat and
    there is that urgent need to get rid of them even to the point of executing
    them as part of the process.

    The escalation of criminal activities and crime
    doesn’t mean that foreign nationals from other African countries are
    responsible. Crime and assassinations
    have exited in that land for long before the black rule. Great leaders and
    fighters in the days of apartheid lost their lives in the struggle for black
    rule. Despite the fact the our skin colour is black doesn’t make us devils.
    They south Africans should remember the words of Lucky Dube “we are all made in
    the image of God regardless of our skin colours. We are different colours, one
    people. ”

    The level at which the attack has reached indicates
    that the people of the republic of south Africa really mean business and should
    be stopped by all means. Our leaders, worldwide have to interfere and take the
    necessary actions as soon as possible in order not to waste more precious lives
    in this barbaric xenophobic attacks of other African nationals residence there.
    The president of the republic of Ghana and the chairman of the African Union
    (A.U) has responded appropriately by condemning their actions. Our people over
    there need our prayers but whilst we remember them in our prayers, let us hope
    that our leaders will not only condemn the killings but find an amicable
    solution to this near to come genocide. We don’t need reports, all we need is

  10. Hi Citi fm,I just want u to find out for me, what happens to teacher trainees who graduated from private or distance afilated school with Diplomat in basic education ?

  11. My wife graduted last year at jackson education complex on the 19th oct.2014 at kumasi and they were asked to aply for placement up to now we have not heard from them.But everyday u hear from Radio saying there are shortage of Teachers in the Country. Why ?

  12. Please i will be very happy if u can email me Hon. deputy minister of education Ablakwa for some clarifications.

  13. Bernard, there is an anomaly on the Mallam – Kasoa road which needs serious attention.
    A pedestrian traffic light has been installed at Tetegu Junction which has been causing serious jams from both directions on the road. The light is for only people to cross the road, but it allows vehicular movement every two minutes and then one minute for pedestrians. Bernard, just imagine the huge volumes of cars that ply this road and the time limit set for vehicles to pass, does it makes sense?
    When coming from Kasoa the traffic jam sometimes begin as far as SCC junction, and when coming from Kaneshie the traffic begins as far as Maccarthy junction.
    You will understand what i am talking about better when you observe it yourself from 6am to 9am, and from 5pm to about 9pm.
    in view of the bad situation, now a police officer is stationed at the traffic light to help the situation. Why do we install a trafic light and still need an officer to direct affairs there? spending double on one problem. When at all are we going to learn?
    Below is my number, you can call me to give you further details 0262 300370.



  14. please guys you call out your watsapp numbers too fast!

  15. the guy in the studio is evasive….the problem is from interference by GES. The process was better without the CSSPS. there IS a protocol list.

  16. Dear Bernard,

    I would like you to bring up the following issues at you morning show tomorrow morning:

    5%WHT Tax
    Our company is suffering several from the 5% deduction of the WHT. We were given exemptions throughout the previous years until 2014. The GRA has since stopped giving exemptions for the above.

    Imagine loosing 5% form your TOTAL sales to be given to GRA. At the end of the accounting year, you show that you have overpaid and these overpaid monies should be refund. But no. They do not even carry the credit in your file over to the next year. They make you pay again for the next year UNTIL they (GRA) come and audit you. When they do come to Audit you, they will always find a reason of keep the monies. Meanwhile, you business is suffering.

    Every businessman will tell you its “all about cash flow”. You can declare a profit but have no cash in the bank or be making losses but still have cash in your bank accounts. Which ever the case, without cash you can not operate.

    Our business has now reached a crises and we are about to close down by the end of this month because of the 5%WHT. We are not able to pay staff, we do not have funds to purchase fuel for our generator, and those who have supplied us on credit are on our necks daily.

    Our only resort is to go an take a loan to sustain our business. At over 30% per annum, no sensible business person would do so. The only solution then, is to close down. Without the 5% WHT exemption, we will close down end of December, 2015.

    We visited my MTO office to discuss the severity of our case. They were unable to offer any assistance. “It is the law. There is nothing we can do for you, unfortunately” was their reply. And, funnily enough, we have overpaid by a lot – even for 2015.

    So, without a 5% WHT exemption, we are to close down and lay off 32 workers. Does anyone care? What will happen when the law for 15% WHT is implemented from the 1st of January 2015? Why is the GoG being so insensitive and just sucking every life out of us?

    Business Survey
    Our office received a survey forms the Ghana Statistical Service (the one they ave been advertising on the radio). We are in 205 and they are requesting information for 2013!

    But, this is not the issue. They have asked us to fill in the document IN PENCIL! Yes, PENCIL! Why in pencil? So they may go over the document and fill it the way the want to make the figures look good?

    Bernard, Ghana is going backward really fast and if we do not stop this trend, Ghana will be destroyed. Should the current situation continue, only God can help us. I know of two companies that have moved to Ivory Coast and several on the brink of collapse. The country where people were struggling to come to for business and tourism is sinking.

    Please Bernard, use your shoe to bring a “serious’ light to these issues. Call those in charge and ask them to explain to Ghanaians why they are crippling businesses.

    All the best.

    Derick Dela

  17. South Africa is not allowing entry to Ghanaians with old valid Ghanaian passport after issuing visa to them in Ghana. what is our foreign affairs stand on it and don’t we need to be pre informed. Ghana sometimes I wish am a Nigerian they protect their own.

  18. A note to TARZAN

    I find this article very hard to digest, especially coming from my own Uncle and also someone who before his suspension and self-extended suspension had separated from his beloved party (the NPP) to form his own Party. Perhaps what Tarzan wants many of us who are following the politics of NPP and Ghana to believe and understand is that, I left the NPP to form my own political party but when we came to power the party welcomed me back and also rewarded me with political appointments. Please I am by no means contesting the competence of my good Uncle, but what I am wondering is if the many infighting in the NPP is also not because there is the feeling that no matter how much I speak my mind (irrespective of how much what I say may cost the party’s image, harmony and eventually objectives) I could still comeback and be rewarded? I just think many objective and honest people should be bold to say to the suspended sons of the Party that much as they maybe well intended, their actions provoked too many disharmony and rancour in the party. Two people have lost their lives because of these infighting. How much of tolerance does the party need? And how many more lives should be lost before something is done? Suspensions may not be the way to go as Tarzan thinks, however in my mind tolerance at this point have also lost its place. Some action is required to make those who have lost their loved ones to know that the NPP is not just tolerant of descenting opinions but is also ready to sanction its own people when their actions remotely or directly is causing pain to its members and Ghanaians as a whole and also bring some peace to the many Ghanaians who are hoping and praying that NPP comes to power in 2017. I believe at this point any true loving Ghanaian and NPP member will not wish for expulsion or extended suspension but will explore and suggest ways to bring hope to the many Ghanaians who are in pain because of the in fighting in the NPP.

  19. Evans Adu Boateng


  20. Ei Bernard! This song dei, idey be give Opana. I dedicate this Bob Marley song to all Ministers in the current regime. Time alone!

  21. If you did register with an NHIS card and and it is announced that the data of those who registered with NHIS card is going to be deleted, do you need someone to announce this news to you before you get top know?

  22. Why is the issue of a national cathedral not coming up in your discussion? What is religious contribution to the national development of Ghana? Building a dream centre where people with ideas can go and get guidance is more important than a national cathedral. It’s ludicrous for something like this in the 21st century