These 8 popular games totally kill your phone battery


It’s all fun and games until your smartphone battery dies. Whether you’re passing time or procrastinating, mobile games offer endless hours of entertainment. But with advanced graphics, special effects and more, games can sharply cut your device’s battery life and quietly eat up your data plan. From Angry Birds to Candy Crush Saga, many of the culprits include games we all love and play regularly — especially ...

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Facebook may be the next tech company collecting your health data


Facebook may be the latest tech company eyeing your health information. The social network is reportedly looking into creating a healthcare-related app and “support communities” on the site where people suffering from certain ailments would be able to connect, according to a Reuters report. The “preventative care” would help users improve their lifestyles, it added. Details about Facebook’s plans to enter the healthcare ...

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Microsoft universal mobile keyboard great for iPads, androids and windows


What goes around, comes around. We put aside our laptops in favor of tablets because they’re super-light, but still powerful. Developers recognized the power and mobile devices’ omnipresence in our lives and began to alter mobile platforms and apps to make them better productivity tools. But the more work you do on a tablet, the more you crave a real ...

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Apple to Add Gold to iPad Lineup, Report Says


Apple’s love affair with gold is about to extend to the iPad, as the company is planning to introduce the color as a new option in an effort to boost lagging tablet sales. Gold-colored backings for 9.7-inch iPads are set to be released sometime in October, according to Bloomberg. A gold iPad would join other products that have sported the metal ...

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Nude selfie celebs were ‘dumb’, EU commissioner says


The EU’s next digital head has refused to apologise for saying celebrities were “dumb” for taking intimate pictures that were later leaked. Günther Oettinger was highly criticised for comments including: “Stupidity is something you can only partly save people from.” He will become the EU’s digital economy and society commissioner in November. One MEP, Julia Reda, laid into the commissioner: ...

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MIT gets USD 10 mln to analyse every tweet


Twitter is giving MIT every tweet ever made publicly and USD 10 million so that the university’s Media Lab can study the spread of information, the New York Times reported. MIT’s Media Lab will create a research group that will get access to Twitter’s entire feed of real-time and archived public tweets dating back to Jack Dorsey’s first in 2006. ...

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Airlines told to change cockpit screens in Boeing planes


Airlines have been ordered to replace or modify the cockpit display units fitted to hundreds of Boeing jets. The US air safety regulator said that tests had indicated that mobile phone and computer signals could cause the screens to go blank. The affected planes are typically fitted with several screens, each of which costs thousands of pounds. Honeywell – the displays’ ...

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Microsoft unveils Windows 10 system


Microsoft has disclosed the first details of Windows 10 – its next operating system (OS). The name is a surprise, bearing in mind it represents a jump from the last version – Windows 8. The software will run on a wide range of devices, from phones and tablets to PCs and Xbox games consoles, with applications sold from a single store. ...

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10 Things that would be totally different if Steve Jobs really had his way


The late Steve Jobs has been credited with changing virtually every industry he touched, from computing and communications to education and entertainment. The more than 800 million iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Macs that Apple has sold in the past two decades is ample proof of that. But a lot of Jobs’ ideas never made it to market or were changed ...

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Thousands flock to ‘anti-Facebook’

Social network Ello has been dubbed the "anti-Facebook" because it carries no advertisements

Social media network Ello is currently receiving up to 31,000 requests an hour from people wishing to join its platform, its founder has told the BBC. It was initially designed to just be used by about 90 friends of its founder Paul Budnitz. But the bike shop owner, from the US state of Vermont, opened it to others on 7 ...

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