Ransomware attacks around the world grow by 50%


Ransomware attacks on businesses around the world rose 50% last year, research into successful cyber-breaches shows. Its popularity means malware is now responsible for 51% of all the incidents analysed in the annual Verizon data breach report. This analyses almost 2,000 breaches to find out how firms were caught out by cyber-thieves. It also found that measures taken by some ...

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Cash offered after drones disrupt flights in China


Chinese drone maker DJI is offering up to one million yuan (£112,000) for information about drones that disrupted scores of flights at a Chinese airport. On four days this month – 14, 17, 18 and 21 – drones were blamed for stranding thousands of passengers at Chengdu Shuangliu International. Chinese reports said they caused 60 flight interruptions on 21 April ...

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Hackers used Microsoft Word bug ‘for months’


A bug in Microsoft Word was exploited by hackers for months before it was eventually fixed, according to security researchers. The flaw allowed attackers to take control of a computer via malicious document files. The zero-day, or previously undetected, vulnerability was patched earlier this month. However, it has since emerged that Microsoft was told about it in October, nearly six ...

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Fitbit investigates report of ‘exploding’ tracker


Fitbit has said it is investigating a report from a Wisconsin woman who said she suffered second-degree burns when her fitness tracker caught fire. Dina Mitchell told ABC News that the Flex 2 began to combust on her wrist while she was reading a book. “It burned the heck out of my arm,” she said. Fitbit has said it is ...

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Google search changes tackle fake news and hate speech


Google is changing the way its core search engine works to help stop the spread of fake news and hate speech. The changes involve different measures for ranking sites and people checking results are accurate. In a blog, Google said the changes should thwart attempts to abuse its algorithms that let extremists promote their content. Google was criticised last year ...

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WhatsApp group admins to face jail over fake news


The administrators of group WhatsApp chats could be sent to prison, according to a new law. People who run accounts that see people share false or misleading information could be sent to prison under new rules meant to stop the spread of fake news in India. The new rules hold the admin of any group accountable for what is posted ...

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iSpace trains young women entrepreneurs in technology


iSpace, a technology and creative hub, has groomed 33 young people who pitched their business ideas in a presentation over the weekend. Mr Josiah Eyison, Founder of iSpace, said the hub trained people, especially young women who wanted to be entrepreneurs, but lack the technology and resources to start up their businesses. “We provide resources for people who want to ...

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Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales creates news service Wikitribune


Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales is planning a news service that combines the work of professional journalists and volunteers. His goal is for Wikitribune to offer “factual and neutral” articles that help combat the problem of “fake news”. The service is intended to be both ad-free and free-to-read, so will rely on supporters making regular donations. One expert said it had ...

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First Call Ltd introduces vehicle breakdown assistance app


First Call Ltd, a company that is into vehicle breakdown assistance and towing services, has launched its mobile app to help in the provision of its services in Accra and Tema. The app, ‘First Call Rescue Me, will help in the delivery of services like roadside assistance, accident assistance, and other ancillary services. The app also provides services such as ...

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Fears over fake Bieber and Styles accounts


Law enforcement officers have been warning BBC Trending radio about a growing number of social media accounts wrongly purporting to be teen idols like Harry Styles and Justin Bieber, speaking inappropriately to young children. The growing world of social media apps with big teenage audiences has made the situation even more difficult to police, they say. “Identity assumption by child ...

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