Are you guilty of an instant relationship?


I’m going to tell you something that’s going to save you a ton of time – especially the hours you spend dissecting a man’s behaviour. When a man doesn’t call once you’ve connected in a deeper way, there are only three possible reasons why: • He doesn’t know what to do with the connection you share because it’s not the ...

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Stay classy, ladies: 5 ways to gracefully survive a breakup


Breaking up is hard, but still there are things you should never do. Going through a breakup isn’t fun. People don’t joyfully plan them for Friday nights (8PM Dinner, 9PM Break Up, 10 PM Bowling). But, breakups are one of life’s unpleasant necessities. They are part of dating — sometimes a big part. Odds are, you’ve been broken up with and you’ve also been the ...

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Why your relationship lost its spark


Feel more like a friend than his girlfriend? Here’s the real reason the romance evaporated. Have you been blindsided by a relationship that suddenly lost all its romance? Have you had great physical chemistry with a man that suddenly turned “ho hum” for no reason? Why do relationships that have so much promise fizzle out and lose their spark? There’s a ...

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Four reasons to talk to a Therapist about your relationship


Friends will tell you what you want to hear.But then comes that moment when you’re ready to hear what you need to hear. How do you know when it’s that time? Your Relationships Typically End In Disasters Faulty dating patterns, like getting into destructive relationships,  being unable to sustain relationships or not being able to get over a breakup may ...

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Why you should never, ever get back together


People breakup for all kinds of reasons — he cheated, she nagged, he was a Seattle Seahawk fan, she rooted for the Denver Broncos, etc. Some of these reasons are good, some are lame and some are somewhere in the middle. It really comes down to a “to each his or her own” stance: some relationships can survive hail storms; ...

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Fascinating things that happen to your body when you’re in love


People often say that you’ll just know when you’re in love, but one thing’s for sure: your body definitely knows when you’re smitten. Check out the strange — and fun — ways your body reacts when you’ve got it bad. Your brain activity changes instantly  Love at first sight may exist after all: falling in love activates about 12 regions ...

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Falling out of love: Does it mean the end of your relationship?


Is your relationship with your significant other defined more by friendship than passion? The good news is that you’re not alone and there are some fairly simple things you can do to restore the sparkthat you once had. In fact, renowned relationship expert Dr. John Gottman reminds us that friendship is the glue that can hold a marriage together: “Couples who ‘know each ...

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Ways to stop the “blame game” and resolve conflicts


While conflict seems to be a destructive force, it can actually help couples achieve lasting love. Most of us dislike conflict. Very few people were raised with healthy role models for dealing with differences. But while conflict may appear to be a destructive force in relationships, it can actually help us achieve lasting love. Author Kate McNulty, LCSW writes “Differences can be a ...

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Nigerian civil servant sues for divorce as wife tests HIV positive

divorce degree

Silas Dodo, a 38-year old civil servant, has prayed an Upper Area Court, in Mararraba, Nasarawa State, to dissolve his marriage with his wife because she is HIV-positive. Dodo told the court that he wanted to divorce his 35-year-old wife, whom he married in 2007. He told the court that his wife was found to be HIV-positive following a recent ...

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Why you might not be getting the love you want


There’s a common relationship misconception that, learning the truth now will save you from unnecessary heartache and frustration. We women, nurturers that we are, erroneously think that the more we take care of a man and pay attention to him, the more he will take care of us. We do this even from the beginning of relationships, and especially if ...

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