Why love can turn to hate


How is it that the deepest love turns so easily into the most intense hatred? In divorce, the anger often gets rationalised into endless argument over parting arrangements. Yet even the most stable relationships are characterised by a balancing act between love and hate, hence perhaps once the love has gone, only hate remains. All close relationships are accompanied by ...

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Big penis, big problem in a marriage: study


A study into marital infidelity has found that longer penises are linked to wives cheating on their spouses. The study, published in the online Journal PloS One, was led by US and Kenyan researchers, found that every extra inch boosts the likelihood of wives engaging in extramarital affairs. “We included this variable because of the interest and controversies that surround ...

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It’s an art: Exactly what to say to men in difficult situations


In dating, good communication is the key to meeting and attracting men … especially the right men. It’s also the key to developing and maintaining fulfilling relationships. When you love on purpose, you communicate on purpose. One of the most important ways I support my coaching clients is by helping them communicate well with men. Online or offline, good communication requires certain knowledge and skill. It’s a bit ...

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Growing apart? 3 ways to re-ignite the relationship flame


Fix your relationship with a secret that long term couples do naturally What if the reason you’re growing apart is because you’re missing this one secret on how to fix your relationship that long-term couples do naturally? One of the biggest misunderstandings that cause a gap between men and women is that you are growing apart because your partner changed and there is ...

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5 ways to avoid marrying the wrong person


Marriage is the second most important decision on earth. The person you marry will determine how happy, successful and how long you live on earth. It could even determine your eternal destination 1. Make sure it is love and not infatuation: Love is a decision to care and be with somebody no matter what the other person does or does ...

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3 communication secrets that keep him interested


Communicate with a man in this smart way and motivate him to invest in your relationship. Have you ever tried to convince a man to do more in your relationship, only to see him pull further away from you? There’s a smart way to communicate with a man and motivate him to invest in your relationship — without any convincing ...

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5 steps for saving a marriage after an affair


Betrayal, deception, mistrust. And very, very hurt. These are the emotions people harbor after finding out their spouse has been cheating on them. Many of us know marriages which broke up because of an affair, but that’s not what I’m addressing here. In fact, if both parties are willing, a marital affair is something that can be worked through, allowing ...

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Don’t let motherhood ruin your sex life


Make the shift from the family’s executive assistant to CEO of your own sex life. Motherhood has become, for so many of us, the ultimate marathon. Each day, we seemingly put every ounce of energy into our children and running our households. The recent creation (and use) of terms like ‘helicopter parents’ or ‘hyper-parenting’ practically confirms that we are guilty ...

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7 reasons to date a lefty


Go left! When it comes to love, what’s right may actually be wrong. There’s no denying it. Southpaws have had a tough run throughout history. Strange prejudices, taboos, links to Satan, 25 negative mentions in the bible — it was even grounds for divorce in Japan in the 20th century. In many languages, discrimination is even embedded into the word “left” — deriving ...

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How to correctly turn down sex from your husband


Turning down your partner the wrong way can be emotionally hurtful. Sometimes saying no to your husband is tough. If you do it the wrong way then it can cause a serious rift in your relationship. Sex is often not just about pleasure, but a way to emotionally connect so turning down your partner the wrong way can be emotionally hurtful. So ...

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