Ten signs your boyfriend is a jerk


They say nice guys finish last and—for most of us—that’s probably true, considering the not-so-nice ones we’ll often date before meeting Mr. Right. In fact, for reasons that are largely intangible, even the most intelligent, self-possessed women have fallen for classic jerks at some point. In retrospect, most of us are able to understand that these guys weren’t right for ...

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Three signs you and your spouse need sex counselling


Marriage sex counselling can be a bit of a taboo subject. Put it this way: it’s not exactly something you want to bring up while having your in-laws over for dinner or while interviewing for a new job. But, while it may be a bit taboo, it’s also a subject that becomes necessary when certain things happen — or rather, ...

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Five things only single people can truly understand

single woman

It’s not always easy living la vida solo — especially when everyone has an opinion as to why you’re single and what you’re doing wrong . But in actuality, if you’re not in a relationship right now, it means you’re doing plenty of things absolutely right! Read on to see the reasons being single is awesome and why you should be proud of yourself. ...

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8 things you probably didn’t know about cheaters


While there may not be a clinical definition of what constitutes a cheater, the fact is that cheaters exist and they cause far more damage than it’s usually worth. Whether you consider cheating as sex or simply a kiss, no matter what the parameters of your relationship, a betrayal is a betrayal. Here are a few things that you may have never known about ...

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Listen up, men: Here’s what bothers women about your hygiene


If you’re going to get close to someone, physically or emotionally, at some point their personal hygiene will come into play. Does he brush his teeth on a regular basis? Does he shower as often as human beings should? Or is he like Zac Efron, who would rather not shower after a very sweaty game of basketball? Gross. While sweating ...

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What to do next when your kid walks in on you during sex


It happens to the best of us. It’s late at night and you’re having sex with your spouse — as quietly as you possibly can. But just as things are getting exciting you hear a creak and a “Mommy … ?”EEEK! Your child walked in on you having sex! There you both are, naked, and in a position that’s very hard to explain. ...

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Things you never knew about your clitoris


It’s time to get to know the most pleasurable part of your body once and for all. You know that saying, “I don’t know art, but I know what I like”? Well, that pretty much sums up the clitoris for me. I don’t fully comprehend it, and honestly, I don’t try to dive too deep into its complexities. I just appreciate it, ...

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5 signs your marriage is heading for a divorce


You and your spouse just had another fight about money. You have argued about money for years, never agreeing on spending and saving habits. This time, the fight turned uglier than usual. There was a lot of name calling and threats of divorce. You both have had it. You just don’t believe you will ever see eye to eye and ...

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Sex after a heart attack: Is it safe?


For most patients, having a heart attack can be a frightening, life-changing experience. Many heart attack survivors are reluctant to engage in any physical activity in the days and weeks following their event. However, it is essential that patients begin to resume normal activity in order to manage risk factors and avoid developing a sedentary lifestyle. Avoidance behaviors, while common ...

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15 signs you might be obsessed with your baby

Black mother hugging son outdoors

Maybe it’s a hormone that’s released post-birth, or maybe it’s the universe’s way of messing with us, but we all get a little crazy once we become parents. We think our kid is the smartest. Our kid is the cutest. Our kid is definitely going to be famous when they grow up … because they’re just so dang funny! (Show them what a bunny rabbit does, Junior! ...

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