9 Signs you’re not radically accepting him

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Your need to push him or her to the edge is a love crusher. As Andrea Miller describes in her book Radical Acceptance, radically accepting your partner isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. Radically accepting this person for who he or she is; radically accepting yourself for who you are; recognizing when your own junk and baggage are ...

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Think children will save your marriage? Think again [Article]


Having a happy family, marriage and personal life takes work and balance. Lots of it … My husband and I were so happy and carefree before children … We took regular strolls hand-in-hand. Smashed many, many happy hours, followed by a quiet dinner. The weekends were magical days filled with whatever we wanted. We were so happy and madly in ...

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9 Signs you and lover are compatible for marriage


The chemistry is off the charts. He checks off all your boxes. She is everything you ever wanted in a partner. But are you compatible? According to marriage counselors, compatibility is key to a life-long partnership. “Compatibility is more important than love ― believe it or not ― and goes hand in hand with respect and communication at the top,” therapist ...

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How to be the “cool girl” guys simply can’t resist


Did you know that most men decide if a woman is “girlfriend material” within a few seconds of meeting her? That’s right – if you don’t know how to create the right first impression with a man, then you just might get thrown into the “just a friend” category for good. That’s why it’s important to understand what attracts men ...

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Half a spouse is not better than none! [Article]


Society, oftentimes, has subtle ways of reminding you that you aren’t growing any younger. Inasmuch as it’s awesome to marry early, it is more important to consider walking down the aisle when you are ready. Would anyone ever get ready for marriage? Of course yes. One needs to be prepared physically, financially, mentally and even spiritually. Even though marriage is ...

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10 worst family money mistakes anyone can make


When it comes down to it success in managing personal finances is pretty simple: Spend less than you earn over a long period of time and invest the difference. Said another way, they boil down to E-S-I. If this is the heart of your financial plan, it’s likely that you’ll be prosperous. That said, there is one other thing you’ll ...

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Six important traits of successful daters

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These are tips straight from a matchmaker and of course they’re fabulous … You deserve only the best! Dating has its ups and downs, but it’s important to remember why you’re out there in the first place: You want to be spending time with someone who will give you what you want, because after all, there’s no use going after ...

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Ten signs you should stay single a bit longer

Bored Young Woman Stirring Coffee --- Image by © Vincent Mo/zefa/Corbis

The single life is pretty good. You can walk around the house with no make-up, dance like no one’s watching, spend all your money on yourself, flirt with who you want, make star shapes in your bed, and pretty much go anywhere you like at any time. No one is going to tell you any differently (except maybe your mom). ...

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Most interesting pre-wedding photos you’re yet to see


Find an exotic location or just some captivating spots, decked up, get the photographer and put up some adventurous poses ahead of your wedding – pre-wedding photos; this is the new craze that seems to be catching up with a lot of Ghanaians now. For most young Ghanaians, planning a wedding today would not be complete without plans for pre-wedding photoshoots. ...

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Ten things you probably confuse for true love

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True love is a very difficult thing to explain, and some people would debate that it doesn’t even exist at all. Most of us though, would agree that love does exist and that it can exist in various forms, but you can sometimes mistake other emotions, for love. If you are unsure, whether what you are feeling is really true love, ...

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