13 Subtle signs he likes you for more than just your body

It’s hard sometimes to see below the surface and be sure that your boo is really in love with you and not just enjoying your body. While it’s true that men are not as verbally expressive as women, it’s also true that there are tell-tale signs that can show you that he really is into you, and not just your ...

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Middle aged couple claim they’ve slept with 30 people in 4-years

Meet Tony Williams and Debbie Dowsett, the middle-aged couple who claim that their numerous affairs and persistent bed-hopping keeps their relationship strong. The pair from Hainault, London, have been together for almost 18 years after meeting at a resident’s meeting, but that doesn’t stop them from sleeping with other people on a regular basis. Tony, 59, a retired head of ...

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10 things you should never post about your relationship on facebook

We’re all friends with that one couple on Facebook: the couple that can’t stop posting mushy photos (hashtag: #blessed) and bragging about their relationship every chance they get. But while it may appear that they have the perfect relationship, sometimes the best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on Facebook at all. Below, marriage therapists and other relationships experts ...

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Committees on Shea butter production inaugurated

The Minister for Trade and Industry, Haruna Iddrisu has inaugurated technical and supervisory consultative committees to develop the Shea butter industry in Tamale. He implored the members to be optimal in the use of resources by being transparent and hold the implementing institutions accountable for the funds that will be entrusted in their care. He described the project as a ...

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