5 cool things every couple must do at least once


Every couple have their own equation and they live life by their own rules. However, there are a few things that make being a couple fun. These five cool things are a must-do for every couple who cherish being together. Join a salsa class Salsa is one of the most sensuous and fun dance forms, and is ideal for couples ...

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10 Clear signs that you are falling in love

Happy, smiling African American couple sitting on floor snuggling.

People write songs about it, they make sentimental movies about it, and poets write poems about it. There is no doubt that, since the dawn of time, human beings have been fascinated by love and the weird and wonderful effect that love has on our lives. Love is a crazy emotion that drives us to strange things, and science has ...

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Having sex once a week key to a successful marriage – study


There are countless articles and self-help books that claim couples who have lots of sex are the happiest. But a new study debunks these claims by suggesting the key to a successful relationship may instead be simply having sex once a week. Based on surveys of more than 30,000 people over 40 years, researchers found happiness levels increased among couples ...

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What it’s like to be engaged to ‘The Man with No Penis’


Personal shopper Fedra Fabian’s sex life recently came under intense public scrutiny after her boyfriend was the subject of a documentary…about the fact that he has no penis. Fedra’s fiancé Andrew Wardle was born with bladder exstrophy, a condition that caused his bladder to form on the outside of his body. As a result, he was left with no penis. ...

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10 Important qualities to look for in a boyfriend 


You may have your own list of qualities that would make a man boyfriend material, and there probably is no such thing as the perfect fit, but there are some qualities that every girl has a right to expect from a man. This is not about being picky, or expecting too much, these are the things that matter if you ...

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10 signs that he is a man worth marrying

black couple

Going on a first date with someone is not exactly something you should take lightly, but neither should you think about it too much. After all, what is the worse that could happen? Marriage, though, is something you should think about a lot before taking the plunge. A marriage is meant to last for ever, and it requires a huge ...

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How to get your Facebook crush to notice you


In 2015, more and more relationships are being formed via online dating. It’s not as taboo as it used to be and considering you spend much of your time on Facebook along with millions of others, there’s a good chance you’re single and have a few lady interests on your page right now. How do you get her to notice ...

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8 things the bedroom should be!


The bedroom is the epicenter of love, it sets the mood of the home and affects everything in the house and family including parenting. The bedroom should be: 1. “A prayer altar” The bedroom should be the place where a couple makes prayers most. A place where God is worshiped and reigns. A place where God’s word is read and ...

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12 ways to get your partner to kiss you often


1. Smile more. Smiling lips look kissable. 2. Don’t let your lips dry. Well moisturized lips whether natural or with lip stick or lip balm are yummy. 3. Hug and cuddle more often. Kisses flow effortlessly then. 4. Say “I love you” with passion and often. Couples that say “I love you more”, engage in kissing more often than those ...

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21 things to do when your partner is unfaithful


It is painful to be cheated on, especially when you are married and with child/children. How do you handle unfaithfulness? 1. “Talk about things you will not tolerate” Before everything else, when things are sweet between you two; set boundaries. Tell each other the things you will not tolerate: unfaithfulness, flirting, meeting up with people of the opposite sex privately, ...

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