Femininity is not inferiority [Article]

Bored Young Woman Stirring Coffee --- Image by © Vincent Mo/zefa/Corbis

You are born either male or female not by choice. Like one’s skin color, one does not choose their gender. If one’s gender is not by their preference, thus, it does not make sense to look down on another because you think their sex makes them think lesser. Our men must know that masculinity is not a synonym of superiority. ...

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7 Signs your partner is leeching off you


He’s a user and you’re being used. I dated a guy once who turned out to be such a leech and it took me a while to figure it out. At first, I thought he was just friendly and sociable and that he was mixing in well with my friends. I was happy that I was seeing someone who made the merging ...

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5 steps to decoding why he always seems pissed at you


There is a solution to that fight you have over and over again. Do you have the same fight over and over again with your partner? Do conflicts with your husband or boyfriend sound like this? You look over at your husband, who is texting or using Facebook on his phone. You think he is not busy. So, you ask ...

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10 Practical tips to get over broken-heartedness


Getting over a broken heart is no mean task, trust me. It’s no easy task to overlook broken trust or disappointment by a loved one. Whatever it is, you need your life back. I hope these few tips help you out. Pray for strength to forgive. Forgive he/she who broke your heart no matter how difficult it may seem. Imprisoning ...

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10 Bad pieces of relationship advice that sound good


Bad advice is cheap. Good advice is expensive. This is very obvious in today’s world where many of us have been drowned in unnecessary complexities because of some so-called piece of advice we heeded to. Who and what you pay heed to is as important as anything you can imagine because they influence how you think and live. Especially with ...

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Kenyan couple treated to lavish ceremony after $1 wedding


A Kenyan couple who spent just $1 (£0.80) on their wedding have renewed their vows in a lavish Valentine’s Day ceremony funded by well-wishers. News of their budget wedding last month went viral on social media and many Kenyans offered to help. At their first wedding, Wilson and Ann Mutura wore jeans and T-shirts and two steel circles served as ...

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Love and death; a ‘romantic’ union [Article]


But when we love, we must do so knowing that those we love we will lose someday. Do I in anyway intend to propagate fear? Not at all, I only seek to explain or perhaps emphasize the realities of what we call in present day True Love; and maybe Love in itself is just enough definition without a qualifier “True”. ...

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Thou Priceless Pearl – (A Poem To That Special Woman)


You are a matchless and priceless pearl Your glistening beauty not only lies in your endearing visage But also in your heart Soul and smiles Like an artist Your physique is the very image I have drawn in my heart’s eyes for decades And when you stroll in those legs And alluring skin My eyes see none other I can ...

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10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples that will make the day special


“There is only one happiness in this life — to love, and to be loved.” – George Sand Valentine’s Day is the day when Cupid gets out his cute little arrow and shoots us all with the power of love. It’s when couples make romantic plans to be together, getting out of work early or taking the day off altogether. But ...

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11 things every man must have the guts to say


1. “I am taken” There will always be women trying to lure a man especially when he is taken. A taken man looks presentable because there is already a woman/wife in his life making him shine. A weak man will not let an opportunity to taste new waters of new women pass. But a great man will turn down their ...

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