Ghana: In search of a winning formula at AFCON 2015

Captain Asamoah Gyan

Ghana’s troubled Black Stars need to rediscover the ethos of collective strength and organization if they are to succeed at the Afcon 2015. To do that, they have to recapture the spirit of the 2010 team that catapulted Ghana to extraordinary heights. That team was bereft of its main stars and replete with Afcon debutants. 13 members of the squad ...

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Elizabeth Ohene: It is a four-year term

Mahama swearing  in

Today’s date, January 7, hasn’t got a ring to it in our national consciousness. It is not the 6th of March, Independence Day, or 1st July, Republic Day. It becomes an interesting date only once every four years when the elected President is sworn into office. The constitutionally mandated term of office for a Ghanaian President is four years. There ...

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Election 2016 and matters arising

Sulemana Braimah, Executive Director, Media Foundation for West Africa

Ghana’s 2016 elections are fast approaching. Yesterday, I read about the NPP in Ashanti region beginning its 2016 campaigning. Too early? Well, may be yes. But you know that President John Mahama, instead of fully focusing on the job, has been thinking about the 2016 elections. Remember, the President started declaring that NDC will win the 2016 elections way back. ...

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My New Year’s resolution for Ghana – Nana Ama Agyeman Asante

Nana Ama Agyemang Asante

Happy New Year folks! 2014 was such a challenging year for Ghana and all of us. The depreciating cedi, high cost of living and rising inflation, the load-shedding and all the tax and utility hikes squeezed us in ways previously unimaginable. Thankfully, we made it into 2015. We’ve already been told to look ahead with hope and optimism by President ...

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“Consensual rape” – KKD’s Ewuraffe Must Remain Silent!!!!


Ever since the rape allegations about KKD broke, I have monitored with keen interest – reading and listening to virtually every single argument in this case. I am privy to concurring and contrasting medical, legal, psychological and social arguments about the merits and demerits of the allegations. I do not intend to take sides, though undoubtedly I have a bias. ...

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[ARTICLE] Part II: Biggest celebrity PR nightmares of 2014


It is often said that ‘all PR is good’, but could bad PR offer anything good to a celebrity brand? In America, maybe; but in Ghana, we think not quite yet. 2014 saw a number of highly regarded celebrity brands virtually or nearly crushing under the effects of bad PR. In the second of our three-part review of the year ...

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Purposeful education using local inputs and hands-on abilities

Anis Haffar

“And Nyankopon said: Make you sweet pots of the earth’s clay / to catch my rain, my spirit that shall sustain you … / But who shall knead our clay / To build our pot? / What hands / What pressure / Of what hands / Knead this piece of the earth? … / How dare we name this pot ...

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Because I have to believe – Sydney Casely-Hayford

sydney casely hayford

Mahama gave us light for Xmas and we all accepted the bribe; he forgot to instruct the Ghana Water Company to do same. Reminded me so much of Kutu Acheampong. And I didn’t join the “Shatta Movement” at December to Remember on 24th night. These “Shatta-ians” were doing cartwheels, throwing themselves on the floor, jumping higher than Gazelles in heat ...

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#D2R2014: A night of discovery


“We will kill the show God willing”. It was, for me, the usual chatter from an artiste manager looking to wriggle his way out of promotional interviews and appearances in the build up to a music concerts. I was not happy. As an event organizer, I expected him to some more discipline from him. When his artiste took to the ...

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A few takeaways from the NDC Congress

NDC National Delegates Congress 2014

Delegates Rule That delegates defied the wishes of an all powerful and popular General Secretary indicates that the era of  the “big man syndrome” or  the”strong man” in Ghana politics is gradually coming to full circle. No more falling in line, no more waving the magic wand. It may not necessarily signify the end of prebendal or neopatrimonial relationships but ...

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