My thoughts on Xenophobia in Transit – Dr. Atobra


Events over the past three weeks, though have not affected me in a direct tangible way, have had a profound effect on the way i view issues on and around the so-called xenophobic attacks in South Africa. These attacks have happened around the height of my social and political awareness. When the attacks spread from the Kwa-Zulu Natal province to ...

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Boakye-Yiadom: The ‘monster’ in Ghana’s dollar mortgages

dollar mortgage

A very good friend who works with one of the housing companies told me about a heartbreaking story of a young couple who lost their home within 3 years. With one kid, this young family was thrown out of a house they believed their daughter would grow in and they would not worry about moving from one rented apartment to ...

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[Article]: Your teeth, your personality

File photo

Take a walk around town and about 7 out of 10 people will tell you they are afraid of the dentist. Out of these 7, half have probably never even been to the dentist before. So what accounts for this fear? Some have heard countless stories of people’s unpleasant experiences at the dentist’s; some have just created a horror movie ...

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Diplomacy still useful in Ghana – Ivory Coast dispute – Bright Simons

Bright Simons

The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) ruling has provided everyone with an interest in public affairs much to chew on, stuff to debate, and a lot to scratch their head over. I simply could not stay away from the subject, try as I did. There has been confusion over what the provisional measures prescribed by the ...

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[Article]: Deregulation will end petro-politics – IMANI


“Fuel Subsidies are back, quietly at $3m a week and could be more”, one of the most authoritative voices in the downstream petroleum sector in Ghana said to a second query by IMANI staff this week. IMANI had been informed by operators in the downstream sector two weeks ago of the introduction of subsidies.  This development is disturbing and has ...

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Sleepless nights?: Here are 6 tips for a restful one

Dr. Kojo Nimako

11 days versus 40 days: That is how long you can avoid sleep versus how long you can avoid food. According to Scientific American (a popular science magazine), the longest [properly documented] time someone has survived without sleep is 11 days, while for food, it is 40 days. The argument goes on about which is more important, but with these ...

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Though we are many, we are one body – Under the constitution


Humans have historically sought meaning in our existence through spirituality. The fundamental nature of religion to humanity is seen in the ancient and still ongoing struggle either to believe in, and therefore hold as proved, the existence of a Higher Being or to reject and disprove any claims as to the existence of such a Being. The matter is complicated ...

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Fighting Corruption: Moving from Rhetoric to Action


Corruption, no matter how it is defined, affects every nation. Its negative effects have long been recognised, and several nations are tackling this menace with all the seriousness it deserves, Ghana being no exception. As a nation, Ghana has over the years strengthened and continues to strengthen the legislative framework, undertaken various public sector reforms and other strategies to combat ...

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Ebola, health care investment and a plan for a West African Prosperity Network – IMANI

Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI Ghana

Reported cases of 18 deaths in a single day somewhere in middle Nigeria seemed frightening. Thankfully initial tests did not return the Ebola verdict. Perhaps the victims binged drunk on some adulterated alcoholic substance. Ebola has just been reportedly cleared in Liberia. Guinea and Sierra Leone are reporting cases albeit not in the droves we witnessed some 15 months ago. Ebola ...

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How the Police failed YFm’s Ms. Ada


There was outrage and condemnation and then, there was nothing for Ada. There was nothing but jokes and trolling of feminists, women and men who came out in support of Ada, the YFm presenter who was reportedly kidnapped sexually assaulted. On Monday Accra based radio station, YFm reported that one of the presenters with their Takoradi branch has been kidnapped ...

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