Kumasi’s Decline: My Observations


The once vibrant city of Kumasi is in serious disarray. Disorder and chaos are what the CBD (Adum) has become. Adum today can be likened to a giant junkyard with the many shops selling mainly imported second-hand items and poor-quality goods from south Asia. Roads are strangled, blocked, seized and turned into markets leading to stressful traffic situations. Lorry terminals ...

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Dagbon peace talks renewal at a glance

Abudu chiefs meeting the Norther Regional Minister

Government’s renewed calls for implementation of the Roadmap to peace in Dagbon should not be another political rhetoric. The latest development if materialized will be a sigh of relief to all sons and daughters of Dagbon whose dignity has been in limbo overtime. All peace loving Dagombas are sick and tired of the age long chieftaincy dispute which gained notoriety ...

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Obrempong writes: Trading our forests for money; a threat to the future


Ask! How could we have been governed if Ghana had no gold, no oil or bauxite? Could we have been governed at all? Could John Mahama and now Nana Akufo-Addo run Ghana only on taxes from tourism and exportation of maybe human resource? Could we have been “fed” at all? Is it possible at all? What is this issuance of ...

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A critique of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Bill by Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu

INTRODUCTION When on Tuesday, 18th July 2017 the internet carried the news that the Office of the Special Prosecutor Bill, 2017 and the Zongo Development Fund Bill, 2017 had been laid before Parliament and referred to the appropriate committees of Parliament to be dealt with under a certificate of urgency, I raised issues of the public’s democratic right to participate ...

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Restoring judicial authority in African elections: The case of Kenya [Article]


In this day and age of democratization in Africa, many Africans have joined the queue to exercise their democratic franchise to liberate the continent from corruption, tyranny, gross impunity, injustices, oppression, economic hardship, inequity and all forms of bad leadership. The quest for such an exercise in my opinion is nothing but to choose the right leader or leadership capable ...

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Final Score: Soulless Black Stars trip, Barca sweat over Messi deal, Irving’s a Celtic


A team without a Soul The ghosts of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil threaten to hunt this Black Stars team and every member who was a part of the contingent till they finally fade from the scene.I am not even attempting to be superstitious but Ghana’s 1-1 draw against Congo opened my eye to a few things. No matter ...

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Martin Amidu writes: Congratulations to the Kenyan Supreme Court


For the first time in the history of Africa, the Kenyan Supreme Court, made all students and activists of free, transparent and fair elections in the emerging democracies in Africa proud by having the faith of their conviction to declare the Presidential election held in that country null and void. The Supreme Court cited irregularities in the vote, particularly the ...

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Marian Ansah writes: Lessons from Kenya’s election


On 1st September 2017, Kenya’s Supreme Court in a historic judgement, annulled the results of last month’s presidential election and ordered a new one within 60 days as provided for in the Kenyan Constitution. This is great news for a country that has gradually moved from autocracy to democracy. By this judgement, Kenya, has set the pace for entrenchment of ...

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Where do the children play? King Nobert asks [Article]


Being a child is the most enjoyable phase in one’s life cycle.  It’s a magical moment where you are not burdened with any sorrows and struggles of life. To most people the formative life of a child is the most crucial and parents must ensure that children have much of the fun in the sand and sun to prepare them for ...

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How to confront non-performing-loans crisis in Ghana [Article]

bank of ghana

Executive summary Banks in Ghana face significant challenges from their high levels of Non-Performing Loans (NPL) There is an issue plaguing the banking sector which is slowly killing the economy of the country. Yes, I am talking about uncontrolled lending. It seems like the banks have lent relentlessly and this is causing them to accumulate a lot of Non-Performing Loans ...

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