The obesity of a lean public purse [Article]


If You are a Bachelor, Don’t laugh at your Neighbour’s fat wife “…instead of a lean government, we have lean kenkey at a higher price, these are the issues which the….government and its activists should be tackling instead of seeking to divert attention with threats, intimidation, assaults, car-snatching, seizure of lorry parks and toilet grabbing”. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, May ...

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Can current business model in banking support gov’t’s economic agenda? [Article]


The fiscal targets of the current administration require new and innovative business models in banking that works hand-in-hand to drive growth and employment without sacrificing shareholder value as a result of systemic risks. Unfortunately, the traditional approach to banking, though responsive to risks in the business environment, may unavoidably work against the current economic growth agenda, which is creating a ...

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18 Questions Nana Addo must answer at Tuesday’s presser

Nana Akufo-Addo

For the first time since his swearing in, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo will meet journalists and answer questions from them. It has taken the president six months to restart this age-old practice where presidents sit and answer wide-ranging questions about their performance from members of the media. Nana Akuffo-Addo came to the presidency on a huge mandate, one ...

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Having more MPs as Ministers undermines Parliament – Odekro


Civil Society Group, Odekro has reiterated calls for a re-examination of Article 78 which compels the President to appoint majority of Ministers from Parliament. The group stands by its earlier position that such a move undermines the authority Parliament possesses. The statement below contains details of Odekro’s concerns on President  Nana Addo’s appointment   Press Release: The fallout from Nana ...

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Obrempong writes: Prestea; a town of gold with ugly roads


The name Prestea sounds familiar right? Yea, it’s a long known town in Ghana for obvious reasons. It’s a land rich in gold. In this town and its environs are large scale mining companies such as [Golden Star Resources – Prestea]; small scale mining companies, and several youths engaged in illegal small scale mining. It’s a golden city where a ...

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Spate of crime in Wa – a trend that needs desperate solution [Article]

File photo

One doesn’t need statistics from an empirical research to identify with the spate of crime in the Wa Municipality. In fact, observation and real life situations speak volumes than figures. Motorbike theft and burglary are the two main criminal activities in the Wa Municipality. The situation can best be described as the work of a syndicate especially with motorbike theft. ...

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Of dishonesty and bad leadership: The case of UTAG-UEW leadership [Article] 


Majority of UEW lecturers have been quietly following and monitoring the goings on of the court matters involving our great UEW. It is important to first note that this quiet and cool attitude of the majority of lecturers should not be interpreted to mean lack of concern. It is rather a trait of people who are mature and deep in ...

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Child Labour: The destruction of our future [Article]

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Meet Kofi, a twelve-year-old boy who works at a gold mine in the Central Region. On Monday Kofi is working to bring home some money for his parents and five siblings. By Wednesday he is dead. His body is dragged out from the crumbled remains of the mud wall that had collapsed in the large open pit he was working ...

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An expatriate for special prosecutor office? [Article]


History is littered with countless examples of sovereign states engaging professionals from different nations to man sensitive national positions. The rise of Joseph to the position of Prime Minister in pharaoh’s Egypt is a classic example. Mark Carney, the Governor of the bank of England and the chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee of England is a Canadian. Our very ...

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Connecting Ghana’s legal education to the world of business [Article]

judges 1

When I arrived at Harvard in 2013 for my Master of Laws Degree (LL.M.), I took the further step of applying for the Corporate Law, Finance & Governance Concentration. Together with ten others, I got in. I was bent on making the best of my time at this hallowed institution. I cross-registered at the Harvard Business School to retrofit my ...

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