Everything in Ghana is going to kill you [Article]

Charred remnants of the June 3 fire and flood disaster which claimed over 150 lives during a night of heavy rain

Sometime in 2015, I banned my mother from talking to me about Ghana. Since I work as a journalist, I’m the go-to news source for my family and friends. Every day, I’m called upon to do three things; to affirm or deny something they heard on the news, provide more details of a particular story and generally chat about running ...

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When Kumawood actors hypocritically grace the sets of ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ [Article]


Hypocrisy is killing us! We choose which situations suit us at a particular time and behave as saintly creatures when we share opposing views to things we detest. Most of the Kumawood actors who demonstrated against the influx of telenovelas on Ghanaian television are hypocrites. It is true that we are having too many telenovellas on Ghanaian television at the ...

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Leaked: Fumigation 419 Exposed; Ace replies Efo


Dear Efo Koshi Mugu The brightness of this day has given me the opportunity to write this letter to you. I enjoyed your first letter to me paaah. It has gone viral on the internet and social media. In it, you christened me “Long Lege” and “Naabu Commando.” Hmmm. Terms of endearment? As for “Too Known” I take am ‘loooong ...

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A letter to Nana Addo: Money on the head of every child

Dear Mr. President, MONEY ON THE HEAD OF EVERY CHILD I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the government for the successful implementation of the Free Senior High School policy. Education is the key platform that will launch us to make us globally competitive and offer every single child an opportunity to become a whole participant toward National Development. ...

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Leaked: Letter to Ace. Free SHS, Arrest Munchendiology


Bla Ace oo, Long Lege, Naabu Commando, You dey? I am so elated and it is best summed up in this modified Baptist hymn Joy like a river Joy like a river Joy like a river in my soul I have joy like a river Joy like a river Joy like a river in my soul. I hope you don’t ...

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Ironically, Erdogan has done exactly what the failed coup wanted to do


Some conspiracy theorists think Erdogan himself was behind the coup – indeed, that is Gulen’s contention. Yet the reality is more straightforward: he has seized an unexpected opportunity Turkey has remained in a state of emergency since the failed coup Murad Sezer/Reuters If President Erdogan is to be believed, last year’s failed coup in Turkey was an attempt by his erstwhile ally, Fethullah ...

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Funny Face needs a counsellor [Article]


I grew up in a typical ‘conservatist’ Ghanaian society where the man is not expected to cry when he is in pain. “Barima nsu,” they say. In fact, even with both sexes, when someone has lost a loved one, property or has gone through any unpleasant situation, and they shed tears, they are asked not to cry. However, research shows ...

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In the chest of Paul Adom Otchere [Article]

Paul Adom-Otchere

A few years ago I attended a wedding reception where the groom gave himself an anti-climax to the celebration. He had asked the MC to allow him sing a song, Ankwanobi, from the repertoire of the Ghanaian highlife musician, Obuoba J. A. Adofo, for whatever reason, in furtherance of the beauty of the ceremony. At the height of the program, ...

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Nana Addo’s Corruption Fight: Will The Anchor Hold? [Article]


There’s a missing plank in President Nana Addo’s corruption fight. This plank is missing in both the NPPs 2016 manifesto and the president’s anti-corruption rhetoric. It is an almost impossible task to run a clean government without addressing this issue. I’m referring to the issue of campaign finance and the broader issue of political party funding. It is no news ...

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How to lower tax liability arising from property sale [Article]


Property owners are always concerned about their potential tax liability arising from the sale of a residential or commercial property and how they can lower their liability or avoid paying tax altogether. This paper will explain with practical illustrations, how an owner of land can sell property and pay little or no tax. This is known as “tax avoidance”. Section ...

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