Isn’t there cause to pepper? [Article]

Thankfully, no one has called me bitter, angry, sex-starved, and ugly for expressing my opinions on feminism and women empowerment. I am yet to be slut-shamed or body-shamed for simply daring to speak for women. Were I to be unmarried, my views would not be slighted as the rantings of a frustrated single woman who must go find a husband. ...

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#HeritageCaravan: Kofi Akpabli encounters Wechiau’s majestic Hippos

Thanks to the community owned and self-managed Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary Project, social amenities have been brought to people’s doorstep. Wechiau town and the sixteen communities involved in the project have solar power that lights up their lives. Also, they need not drink from the Black Volta and risk guinea worm and bilharzia anymore.   There are boreholes that pump up safe ...

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Marian Ansah writes: The monster of gender inequality in the digital space

The few successes Ghana has chalked so far since attaining independence include the growth of a pluralistic media environment and a vibrant democracy. However, one major challenge that has consistently permeated our socio-economic and political fabric is the monster of gender inequality. Statistics have shown that the deep seated inequalities within segments of Ghana’s population, particularly between male and female ...

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Detecting the real enemy; why Ghana Police needs no ‘superman’ [Article]

IGP, David Asante Apeatu

As a young journalist, one of the most intriguing, important,yet unpleasant subjects I covered was crime. During this period, I have met suspects who have confessed to various degrees of crime ranging from murder to stealing. The hardened suspects were always lucky to return alive. Those who dared to challenge the police in a gun battle mostly returned as dead ...

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Latrine artisans more important than doctors now [Article]

Approximately 1.21 million households in Ghana do not have access to safe toilets. The majority of these live in rural areas. How do we enable everyone, especially rural dwellers to have, to own, and use a household toilet?  A big part of the answer is latrine artisans. Given the sanitation challenge we face; latrine artisans are currently more important than ...

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Breast cancer: Urgent need for gov’t-sponsored screenings in Ghana [Article]

Breast cancer incidence is rising rapidly and is a public health issue in Ghana with many more diagnosis anticipated in the coming years. You probably know someone who had or has been diagnosed with breast cancer such as a mother, family member, a relative or a friend.  There are reported incidences of breast cancer in males but 99% are diagnosed ...

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Open letter to Nana Addo: Our security, your reckless officer, your move

President Nana Akufo-Addo

Dear Mr. President, In a space of three days, we have been informed of armed-robberies and a murder that is uncharacteristic of our regular social lives. The bravado exhibited by the robbers and their carelessness at expending any life is extremely concerning. The reports of limitations on the part of the Police to deal with these situations as a result ...

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Ghana through foreign eyes [Article]

You and I have no way of knowing if the Yale medical student who wrote that unflattering essay about Ghana last week did see what she says she saw. Parts sound slightly exaggerated or conflated from different experiences over her four-week stay into one experience outside the airport. But if you think her account is not feasible, then I’m afraid ...

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Hor Halutie: The making of Ghana’s next sprint queen

Hor Halutie

Citi Sports’ Fentuo Tahiru has been following the Ghana Athletics Association’s Circuit Championships and he puts down his thoughts on Hor Halutie and her amazing journey up the Ghanaian sprint ladder. At around 11am, the blazing sun inside the Cape Coast Stadium was approaching the epicenter. And while fans in the stands were insouciant about the unforgivable blazing rays, thanks ...

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Ghana’s SHS crisis: An elitist addiction to boarding schools and its consequences [Article]

Some of the reasons why the boarding component in our state-assisted senior high schools must be removed. And Now can we begin to have a calm national conversation? Ghana has never been able to afford boarding as a major component of its state-owned education system, we cannot afford it, and not wanting to admit this puts us in some danger. ...

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