In search of Dollars for miracles [Article]


I am broke. I’m in dire need of cash. Hold on; not Ghana cedis. I mean dollars; US dollars. And I need it badly. Forget the interest rates. I can pay 100% interest if you will give me this money. I’m just desperate. I need the hand of God in my life and I want to see this miracle in ...

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Responsible opposition: Key to national development


Multi-party democracy is a fundamental part of nation building in that it offers individuals from diverse backgrounds, different political philosophies and orientations, the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process in a nation or society. Political pluralism is an inextricable feature of democracy and the government’s acceptance of the opposition is a prerequisite for the democratic operation of institutions (European ...

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Who wears the thorny AMERI crown: The minister, Parliament, Cabinet or all [Article]

Executive Director -ACEP, Benjamin Boakye

The embarrassing episode of the recent development on the AMERI Deal is a clear indication that unfortunately, we have not finished counting the cost to the nation on a single transaction. We have to start counting the cost to the security agencies, the courts, and probably the attention of everybody interested in following how the case evolves in an adventure ...

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Don’t undermine corruption fight in special prosecutor’s bill – Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu

When it became clear to me that We the People might not be allowed our democratic right to participate in the discourse leading to the enactment of the Office of the Special Public Prosecutor Bill, 2017 I raced against time to hurriedly research and write a lengthy constitutional and legal critique of the Bill. Now that Parliament has vetoed taking ...

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Is Charlotte Osei unfit to be Electoral Commissioner? [Article]

Charlottee Osei

This week, some workers of the Electoral Commission of Ghana has petitioned the President to remove the Chairperson of the commission Mrs. Charlotte Osei. According to their lawyer, it is alleged that: Mrs. Osei breached the Procurement Law in securing goods and services. She is a one-woman show because she solely contracted the services of attorneys with disgruntle parties and ...

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The Office of Special Prosecutor Bill is constitutionally sound [Article]


There is this debate going on in the media about the Office of the Special Prosecutor Bill and I find it quite interesting that the argument being made suggests that the Attorney-General should have laid a constitutional instrument before Parliament instead of the Bill, which will eventually become an Act of Parliament. There is also the question of whether or ...

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On Baby Jet, Astro Turf, and how to dash big money [Article]


As a Ghanaian and a Bleeobi, I have nothing but respect, admiration, and appreciation for Asamoah Gyan for his generosity and civic responsibility to fund the Accra Academy Sports Centre (Shieeeeee, Astro Turf and things). To make lasting impact, however, his donation must outlive him. Will it? One Friday afternoon about three months ago, the security guard at a friend’s ...

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Down the drain? The economic costs of illicit financial flows in Africa’s extractive sector [Article]


Resource-rich African countries are facing significant economic headwinds. Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer, depends on oil for over 90% of its foreign exchange earnings and three-quarters of government revenue. The slump in oil prices has adversely affected Nigeria’s economic prospects, pushing GDP growth into negative territory to -1.5% in 2016. Zambia, the second largest producer of copper in Africa, has ...

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Nsempiisms: Indiscipline or Deficiency? [Article]


Yesterday at the Media Meet with the President, there was a display of an attribute that disturbs me.   The moderator, the Information Minister, set the ground rules for the Q&A time: one question per person, make it snappy.   Not a few of those who had the opportunity to ask questions decided to ignore the instructions totally, asking two ...

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Sergeant Lee and his 110 Corporals with the press [Article]

Kofi Kukubor

Today marks the first ‘Meet the Press’ of Sgt Lee. So as to give vivid account to the press and the public, the corporals were assembled at a parade to brief him before the press arrived. Prelude In order not to fall into comatose in the comity of nations, I have travelled and sojourned the abrahamic length and breath to ...

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