Child Labour: The destruction of our future [Article]

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Meet Kofi, a twelve-year-old boy who works at a gold mine in the Central Region. On Monday Kofi is working to bring home some money for his parents and five siblings. By Wednesday he is dead. His body is dragged out from the crumbled remains of the mud wall that had collapsed in the large open pit he was working ...

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An expatriate for special prosecutor office? [Article]


History is littered with countless examples of sovereign states engaging professionals from different nations to man sensitive national positions. The rise of Joseph to the position of Prime Minister in pharaoh’s Egypt is a classic example. Mark Carney, the Governor of the bank of England and the chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee of England is a Canadian. Our very ...

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Connecting Ghana’s legal education to the world of business [Article]

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When I arrived at Harvard in 2013 for my Master of Laws Degree (LL.M.), I took the further step of applying for the Corporate Law, Finance & Governance Concentration. Together with ten others, I got in. I was bent on making the best of my time at this hallowed institution. I cross-registered at the Harvard Business School to retrofit my ...

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8 tips to make you stand out as a fresh graduate [Article]


I would like to use this platform to congratulate all my brothers and sisters who have successfully completed their first degree in all corners of the nation and are awaiting their national service. The journey has not been easy because, I charted a similar path in 2010 and graciously completed in 2014. So I know what it means to say ...

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National ID: Data security, privacy and our civil liberties [Article]


Finally, the national identity card scheme is set to take off in September 2017 with the beginning of issuance of cards to citizens who have registered onto the scheme. This is a positive development considering how this scheme will go a long way to promote economic, political and social activities in the country, by formalising the Ghanaian economy. The scheme ...

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Builsa North school drop outs dare to hope [Article]


It’s not the first time that I had the opportunity to travel elsewhere in Ghana where life was a bit different from what was in my eyes ordinary. Indeed in 2012 I joined UNICEF go up North on field visits to some of their education and health projects in some communities in Tamale. It was a great learning experience for ...

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Dear Nana Addo: Is this your best shot?


Dear Nana Addo! When you won the elections, my NDC friends warned me against believing that your presidency would be different. They said all politicians were the same while I argued that you’d be different because you’ve had years to reflect and plan for the presidency, and that there was no way you were going to squander the chance to ...

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Open letter to President: The BOST scandal and its implications [Article]


The BOST contaminated fuel saga is a major test case for the country’s resolve to fight corruption and the lack of accountability. It is also an evidence of our state as a people, a people whose sense of reason is moderated by political colours and tribal stereotyping, with limited commitment to our nation. We have become a people with practically ...

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Brilliant NSMQ students and their obsession with medical school [Article]


The National Science and Maths Quiz NSMQ has been able to capture the hearts of Ghanaians, in the way and manner only the Blackstars were able to, and I would like us to think and reflect on these issues suitable for this moment before the fire dies out. So having been on campus when the competitions begun, I was at ...

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The President does not have a general power to declare holidays [Article]


There are 3 categories of holidays under Act 601. 1. Public Holiday listed in Schedule 1 – this includes all the religious holidays and national days – Republic and independence. 2. Additional holidays. These are holidays that the President may declare. 3. Substituted holidays- as the name suggests substituting one holiday with another day. President is given the power to ...

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