Eugenia writes: Talking our way to a cleaner Accra

Accra is the new London. Apparently, all those making a fuss over a dirty Accra are crying over nothing because our capital is “clean” and “neat”. Simple. This is the belief of the owner of the biggest sanitation company in Ghana, Zoomlion Company Limited. In his words, “When you look on the streets now, everywhere is clean, everywhere is neat. ...

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A history of the United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon [Article]

The United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon (UNIFIL) which was born out of the Middle East crisis is 40 years old today. It was established by the UN Security Council resolution 425 of March 19, 1978. The genesis of Israeli Invasion In the early hours of 11th March 1978, an Israeli bus carrying Israeli Citizens and heading towards Tel Aviv ...

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Looking at possible causes for ‘Unhappy Ghanaians’ [Article]

My concern as a transformational coach and Healing of Memories trained is not with the 2018 World Happiness Report and how Ghana was placed per say but the years of denial that all is not well is my greatest worry. Our means to discuss such aspect of our society is very limited. We have grown very intemperate in so many ...

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Lecturer floors Kwesi Pratt for claiming KNUST can’t make solar panels

A Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Richard Tia, has responded to the supposed damning claims made by veteran journalist and Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper Kwesi Pratt against the university. Kwesi Pratt reportedly lambasted KNUST for not being able to produce a solar panel or provide any solution ...

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Farida writes: A street child hawker’s bravery; the faith and poverty factor

child hawker

Street hawking is nothing new to the big city of Accra and its busy roads, and very few people find something wrong with it because it is more convenient for people, than it is chaotic for roads and dangerous for the hawkers, especially children. You can cancel a few things off your shopping list while commuting from one end to another ...

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How about Ghana beyond filth? [Article]

In the beginning, I too was awed by everything President Akufo-Addo said. Like the people who liked, shared and re-shared the video of his press conference with France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, I found him inspiring. But over a year after his inauguration, I still find him up in the clouds with his lofty rhetoric, and I need my president to ...

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Land acquisition hustle; a threat to healthcare in Sekondi-Takoradi [Article]

Land acquisition vs healthcare in Sekondi Takoradi

The growth in the population of the Western Region, driven largely by the increased exploitation of its natural resources, requires adequate health institutions and other infrastructure to offer medical services to the ever growing population, and also to create jobs. To this end, I am going to highlight the frustrations of those managing health systems and other key sectors of ...

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Fight against filth is a war against attitude [Article]

The quest to make Accra the cleanest City in Africa is an illusion if attitudes are not consciously moulded with the ideals of godliness. Many people within the country’s capital have in the past one year shown an open disgust at the filth that engulfs the city. Some, including me, have even gone ahead to call for the head of ...

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We could all be terrorists [Article]

Terror attacks are now so rife worldwide, it should be on the breakfast menu. Terrorism has in the last two decades or so, assumed an identity – it is now synonymous with Islam, Muslims, Al-Qaeda, Alshabab, The Taliban and the so-called Islamic State or ISIS. If you tell me none of the above words came to mind at the sight ...

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IMANI Audit Series : How Ghana performed compared with African Peers

How Ghana Performed Compared with African Peers in the 2017 Human Freedom Index (HFI) and Human Development Index (HDI), and some recommendations.  Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are finally experiencing an increase in growth after a significant decline in 2016. This was registered by The World Bank as one of the “worst decline[s] in more than two decades” (Leggelo-Padilla 2017). Thus, ...

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