Critical news: Missing babies, wrecked booths and broken gears


Exactly a day short of a year today (February 23, 2014), President Mahama refused to acknowledge the Election Petition challenge in his State of the Nation Address. His concerns on that day were “dumso dumso”, water matters, unemployment and security problems.  Now, with the election petition gunned down, the remainder situations are becoming culture.  No solution to the water crisis, ...

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Another National Security madness

These are the strangest times in Ghana. It appears the dwarves are not only fiddling with cash in the banks but with the brains of top government officials too. That would explain recent actions of the national security team. Instead of chasing the Chinese and other illegal miners polluting rivers and destroying forests across the country, personnel from National Security ...

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Chimamanda Adichie Writes on Nigeria’s Anti-gay Law

I will call him Sochukwuma. A thin, smiling boy who liked to play with us girls at the university primary school in Nsukka. We were young. We knew he was different, we said, ‘he’s not like the other boys.’ But his was a benign and unquestioned difference; it was simply what it was. We did not have a name for ...

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Living within, not beyond, our means: 2

Whether tagged Fiscal Indiscipline (as per the purists) or Physical Indiscipline (According to “Mr. Documents”), the value is the same.  The combined effect of chopping our money “waa waa” and the greed and cluelessness of those chopping is the unfolding tragic comedy of our country, Ghana; which can provide material for several of Uncle Ebo’s plays. Following the Bank of ...

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Critical News: dwarf economics and allied services

Whoever said we are a very religious country forgot to tack on that we are also a very superstitious country. Somebody’s cow floated its way into Nii Kukurudu’s Chorkor fishermen’s net, deceiving my Accra peeps that they were onto a bumper harvest. When the net came up with a bull, the news spread faster than the renouncement of an imminent cabinet ...

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Komla Dumor gave Junior Doctors more than a dog’s chance

It was sometime in 2004. Korle Bu was in an industrial turmoil, fuelled by chronic delays in the payment of Additional Duty Hour Allowances (ADHA). At one meeting, Junior Doctors resolved to agitate every month until sloppiness gave way to proactivity. As Chairman of Junior Doctors, I was in the eye of the storm. The Board fully rounded up on ...

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Impure ‘pure’ water

gh water

Just behind the Kwame Nkrumah Circle pedestrian shopping mall, Christina Tetteh is squishing a plastic water sachet, helping her one-year-old daughter Fosoa slurp down the liquid. She has just finished feeding the baby at her make-shift shop where she sells second hand clothing. Used panties and boxer shorts hang from a wobbling large umbrella she and her baby perch under ...

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“Phone Farming… How SMS is Changing Agriculture in Ghana”

Abdul Rahman

Just three years ago, Abdul Rahman Takoro couldn’t afford to send all his eight children to school. Several dropped out, while he struggled to pay the fees for the rest. Takoro tried to work as a bicycle repairer, after the frustration of seeing his farm fail. Without any education or resources on farming, Takoro was losing money. “I could invest ...

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Ending violence against women


The first time I heard of the fight against violence against women I was about 15 years old. Then the killing and butchering of women have become so rampant that women groups had to speak against it. One of the groups I clearly remember is the Ark Foundation and I remember I wrote it’s executive director’s name somewhere behind my ...

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Ghana at 56! Scarred and Bruised

Independence_Arch_-_Accra,_Ghana1 (2)

I woke up today singing “God Bless our home land Ghana”. This was before entering the bathroom.  I asked myself if I really feel proud any more as a Ghanaian. Truth is I don’t feel sure of my country anymore 56 years after independence. 56 years since we declared to the world the we can manage our own affairs! If ...

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