A journey of transformation: Resounding the Kwabotwe spirit


“I am very anxious that we should always remember that the school is not confined to the over ninety acres that comprise her grounds her grounds. She lives wherever they live who once lived here. Their influence on the life of the country is her influence’’. – Rev. A.S. Fenby (adow bir, 1937). The formation of MOBA by our predecessors ...

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Obrempong’s Oil Diary: The proverbial vulture behind fuel explosions


We said never again after June 3, we thought it was ending after Trade Fair explosion on December 22, we grinned our teeth after the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) explosion on January 26. What didn’t we say after premix explosion at Axim on June 2012? We said similar things after Tema Valco Estates in Community 12 on August 2014. And ...

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Chasing dreams after 5 [Article]


It is encouraging to hear stories of how people quit their regular jobs, in some cases, high-paying jobs to start their own businesses. Despite the obvious challenges start-ups in our part of the world face, some have braced the odds and with determination and sheer passion, they are doing remarkably well which is truly inspiring. But this is what I ...

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Mr. Eazi: Ghana’s toil, Nigeria’s joy! [Article]


“Mr. Eazi is not a ‘Ghanaian artiste.” I heard this statement umpteenth times during the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards – and it has resurfaced after the release of the 2017 BET nominations. The Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards recently released its nominees and for the Best International Act: Africa category, these artistes from Africa were nominated: Mr. Eazi (Nigeria), Wizkid ...

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Franklin Cudjoe: Good work, Dr. Bawumia and NPP Government on Trade Facilitation

Franklin Cudjoe, President of IMANI Africa

Ports and Harbours journalist, Samuel Agyeman reports that ‘’The Vice-President, Dr. Bawumia has just announced 3 major policy ideas which are expected to improve port efficiency in Ghana. These are essentially; (1) From 1st September, 2017, there should be mandatory Joint inspection at Ports. This is a departure from the situation where about 16 agencies inspect imported items and extort from ...

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What you need to know about investing with a microfinance company [Article]


The primary objective of microfinance is to create financial inclusiveness and provide an avenue for the delivery of essential financial services to sections of the society who would otherwise be largely uninvolved or unable to fully access them. Ghana’s microfinance sector has been immensely beneficial to the economy. It has expanded the scope of participation in Ghana’s financial services sector, ...

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‘Think health, think Medical Doctor’ posturing of the media deadly [Article]


This article has been necessitated by my longtime observation that the Ghanaian media treat health in a restricted, straightjacket manner. The WHO defines health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This will inform even a lay person that health is a multifaceted, multi-sectoral issue. In terms of ...

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Nana B; the perfect replacement for Sammy Awuku as NPP National Youth Organizer

Nana Boakye

A general who wins a war, will always want to retire in dignity thinking that the next general taking over from him will do like he did or even better. This is the situation we find ourselves in at the moment as Sammy Awuku, National Youth Organizer of the NPP bows out of the youth army and the keen contest ...

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Dr. Thomas Mensah will be 85 on 12 May [2]

Cameron Duodu

In the first part of this article, I related the story of how, as a final year student at the University of Ghana, the late Prof Albert Adu Boahen challenged a British lecturer who entered the Junior Common Room and angrily switched off the radiogram the students were playing, on the grounds that they were “talking whilst listening to the ...

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Strong Vaginas, Weak Mothers [Article]

File photo

Her: Hello Lor, oh I heard you delivered, awww congratulations. Me: Thank you. Her: How did you deliver? Me: [thinking of telling her that the baby hatched from a pineapple] Oh, via cesarean. Her: Oh really? Why couldn’t you have pushed? Did you even try pushing? You know, in my family, we all pushed o and my mother is a ...

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