Afanyi Dadzie Writes: Your male friend proposed to you and so what?


I am a bit bewildered about this unwritten and silent rule that almost makes it look like it’s a taboo for a man to propose to his woman friend. And I notice this is a big deal for some women to the point that; they even consider it offensive, and they can get upset with the male friend who proposes. ...

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‘I was gang-raped on my wedding day’ – Terry Gobanga recounts ordeal


When Terry Gobanga – then Terry Apudo – didn’t show up to her wedding, nobody could have guessed that she had been abducted, raped and left for dead by the roadside. It was the first of two tragedies to hit the young Nairobi pastor in quick succession. But she is a survivor. It was going to be a very big ...

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May our joy last: Prayer of prospective Ghana law school students [Article]

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On 22 June 2017, the Supreme Court unanimously declared that the imposition of an entrance examination and interview requirements by the General Legal Council for the Professional Law Course violates Articles 11(7), 23, 296 (a), 296 (b) and 297(d) of the 1992 Constitution. This decision by the Court has been described variously as ‘a historic verdict’, ‘a landmark decision’ and ...

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Callousness of State officials killing people everywhere in the world [Article]

Cameron Duodu

QUOTE: “Grenfell Tower fire is ‘corporate manslaughter’ and arrests must be made, says LABOUR MP David Lammy ‘We should call it what it is; it’s corporate manslaughter, that’s what it is and there should be arrests made, frankly,” the Tottenham MP said. These words, uttered by Mr David Lammy, one of the few black Members of the British Parliament, gave ...

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Living with sickle cell; the untold story [Audio]


Imagine being in pain every day of your life. Your knees hurt, you feel sharp pains in your elbow and your entire body is in constant pain. To complicate your woes, you often have low energy because your red blood cells have broken down. Well, this is the everyday experience of people living with sickle cell. As the World celebrates ...

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Ho floods now taking lives; how did we get here? King Norbert asks


A five-old kindergarten boy met his untimely death in Ho, after heavy rains hit the Volta Regional Capital on Friday. The deceased Nicholas Attah in the company of his mates slipped off a log bridge while crossing home from school. His mates, most of whom are of the same age, stood helpless as their friend battled with the strong surfs ...

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On motivation: Know where you’re going [Article]


When I heard of the water challenge for the first time, I was determined to become the most hydrated person on earth. The rules were simple. For 30 days, I was to drink 3.7 liters (a gallon) of water a day, without taking in sweetened drinks, tea, juices, etc. I had to finish the entire contents of my gallon before ...

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Fethullah Gülen writes: Muslims’ unique responsibility to fight terror

Fethullah Gülen

The brutal, deadly attacks in London and Manchester on innocent civilians are the latest in a series of senseless violent acts carried out by the so-called Islamic State, a group that deserves no designation other than the world’s most inhuman criminal network. In response to this threat, the world’s Muslims can and should help intelligence and security communities ward off ...

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The telling journey of a Sickle Strong Warrior!


I am Yasmine Ponle Okudzeto, a 37 year old Muslimah, an entrepreneur, a mother and a sickle strong warrior. Today, 19th June is the World Sickle Cell Day and it is my hope to create enough awareness about Sickle Cell. I was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia when I was three months old, and since then my life has been ...

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The danger of cement grades on our markets [Article]

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Generally, the commonest cement on our construction market being Portland cement is manufactured using two basic raw materials, calcareous and siliceous (generally argillaceous) material. These two materials are mixed together and heated to a high temperature within a revolving kiln. The heated mixture produced is called cement clinker which is then grinded into powder form. In its raw state after ...

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