Odd But True

18 arrested for watching porno


The police in the Ejisu-Juaben Municipality in the Ashanti Region have arrested 18 children and young adults for watching pornographic movies and playing video games. The children and young adults, between the ages of 18 and 22, were arrested in two separate operations. Eight of them were arrested between the hours of 12 midnight and 1 a.m. at Ejisu-Krapa. They ...

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Man leaves $1,000 tip for dog’s surgery


Good people, not to mention good tippers, do exist. Christina Summitt knows that for sure now after what happened Saturday night. The paw-print tattoo on Summitt’s wrist often leads to conversations with strangers about her love of animals; she’s a volunteer with a pit bull rescue group and spends lots of time finding homes for animals of all kinds. While ...

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Boyfriend for hire


China’s Taobao is one of the world’s largest e-commerce websites, a combination of eBay and Amazon, only bigger. Its 500 million registered users trade almost 50,000 items of merchandise every minute on average. Taobao has two major platforms – the TMall, where established brand owners sell directly to customers, and the Taobao Market place, where smaller companies and budding entrepreneurs ...

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Ethiopia: The bigger a Suri girl’s lip is extended, the more cows she gets as dowry


It may look odd to us, but in the Ethiopian Suri tribe, this enormous lip plate is actually a sign of beauty. When girls hit puberty they have their bottom two teeth removed in a bizarre ritual before a small hole is cut into their bottom lip. A clay disc is then inserted into the hole, which is steadily increased, ...

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Saudi Arabia to build world’s tallest tower

It is expected construction of the tower will require 5.7 million square-feet of concrete and 80,000 tons of steel.

Dubai — long champion of all things biggest, longest and most expensive — will soon have some competition from neighboring Saudi Arabia. Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa — the world’s tallest building — could be stripped of its Guinness title if Saudi Arabia succeeds in its plans to construct the even larger Kingdom Tower in Jeddah — a prospect looking more ...

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Pope must call T.B. Joshua to order – Kwaku Bonsam

Nana Kwaku Bonsam

Popular Ghanaian fetish priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, has revealed to that he would be meeting Pope Francis over Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua. He is set to leave the shores of Ghana on Friday 18th April to Italy where he hopes to meet the Pope, the most powerful Christian leader. Nana’s move, according to him, is to get the Pope ...

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Gossip of minor exposes father as murderer


The gossip of a five-year-old boy about hiding to watch his father, allegedly murdering an eight year-old Evans Adjei and finally burying the dismembered body parts, is resting in the bosom of the law. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Katey Otumi, Hohoe Divisional Crime Officer, briefing the Ghana News Agency said, the boy hid in a nearby bush and witnessed ...

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Doctors implant lab-grown vagina

Scans of the pelvic region were used to design a tube like 3D-scaffold for each patient

Four women have had new vaginas grown in the laboratory and implanted by doctors in the US. A tissue sample and a biodegradable scaffold were used to grow vaginas in the right size and shape for each woman as well as being a tissue match. They all reported normal levels of “desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction” and painless intercourse. Experts ...

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Nigeria: Child bride ‘poisons older husband’


A 14-year-old girl in the northern Nigerian state of Kano has confessed to killing the man she was forced to marry, police say. Wasilu Umar admitted killing her husband, who was more than twice her age, by concealing rat poison in his food, the police in Kano said. Three other people also died and 10 were taken to hospital apparently ...

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Man jailed for attempting to sell nephew


A 40- year-old farmer, who attempted to sell his nephew, aged 10, to a spiritualist for ritual purposes, has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment by the Bibiani Circuit Court.Kwame Owusu, also known as “John Yia” did not deny the crime. Police Chief Inspector Lucky Goglomi told the court, presided over by Mr Baptist Kwadwo Filso, that last month, the ...

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