Odd But True

Chinese farmer invents motorized suitcase


A farmer in China has invented a motorized suitcase which can reportedly carry your clothes and take you to the airport at the same time. The contraption – with two small wheels at the back and one at the front – is the brainchild of He Liang, a farmer from Hunan Province, reports the Taiwan-based Want China Times. It can carry ...

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Pope Francis: Church could change celibacy stance

Pope Francis talks to reporters aboard the papal flight on his way back to the Vatican from Jerusalem

Pope Francis on Monday said he believed that Roman Catholic priests should be celibate but the rule was not an unchangeable dogma, and “the door is always open” to change. Francis made similar comments when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires but his remarks to reporters on a plane returning from a Middle East trip were the first he has ...

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Italian murder trial halted after judge spots court staff having sex


A judge suspended a murder trial after spotting two court staff having sex during the hearing. Stunned Anna Ivaldi asked the prosecutor to stop speaking after she looked up and spotted the couple writhing in ecstasy in an office beside the court. They had thought the smoked glass they were behind would mask their steamy antics, but the eagle-eyed judge ...

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Man’s testicles removed for stealing a knife

knife genitals-001

A thirty-six-year-old man, Isaac Abayitey, has been beaten to pulp and his testicles removed by unknown assailants for allegedly stealing a knife belonging to a palm wine tapper at Nkurakan near Koforidua, in the Eastern region. The victim is on admission at the Koforidua Regional Hospital. Information gathered by the Daily Heritage indicates that the unknown assailants attacked the victim ...

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Friends find $40,000 hidden in secondhand couch


The last time you dug into your couch cushions, what’d you find? Some lint, a pen, maybe a couple loose coins? Whatever you came up with, it likely paled in comparison to the $40,000 three friends found in their couch, a secondhand piece of furniture they’d just picked up at a thrift store. Reese Werkhoven, a New York college student, and ...

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Sudanese court sentences woman to death for marrying Christian man

The woman was originally sentenced to death on Sunday but given until Thursday to return to Islam.

A Sudanese court has sentenced a woman to hang for apostasy – the abandonment of her religious faith – after she married a Christian man. Amnesty International condemned the sentence, handed down by a judge in Khartoum, as “appalling and abhorrent”. Local media report the sentence on the woman, who is pregnant, would not be carried out for two years ...

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‘Miracle’ US baby survives 11-storey fall

Doctors say while Musa Dayib is badly hurt, he is expected to survive

A baby in the US state of Minnesota has survived an 11-storey fall from an apartment balcony, local media report. Musa Dayib, one, has two arm fractures and is breathing with the help of a ventilator but is expected to live, after slipping through a railing. His doctor said his youth as well as the softer ground he landed on ...

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Nurse taped baby’s mouth for being ‘noisy’

taped News

Babies cry. That is just a simple fact of nature. But one nurse didn’t like it when a 6-day-old baby in her care was crying, so she taped his mouth shut! The parents had thought their baby was “supposedly in ‘good hands’ of a professional establishment,” according the father’s Facebook page, but they were not prepared for what they found. ...

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Sudanese woman may face death for choosing Christianity over Islam


A Sudanese court gave a 27-year-old woman until Thursday to abandon her newly adopted Christian faith and return to Islam or face a death sentence, judicial sources said on Monday. Mariam Yahya Ibrahim was charged with apostasy as well as adultery for marrying a Christian man, something prohibited for Muslim women to do and which makes the marriage void. The ...

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US twin baby sisters born holding hands

File photo

A pair of US twin sisters who were were born holding hands were breathing on their own after being removed from a ventilator, their mother has said. Jillian and Jenna Thistlewaite shared an amniotic sac and placenta, a rare condition known as monoamniotic birth. “They’re already best friends,” said their mother, Sarah Thistlethwaite. They were born on Friday in the ...

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