Odd But True

Man tells wife he was joking when he proposed 20 years ago


David is a husband, father and former pastor who has been married to his high school sweetheart, Jennifer, for 20 years. Together, they have two sons and, as it would appear on the outside, an ordinary relationship. But David has been living a double life for years. Secretly, he has been cheating, hiding a pornography addiction and visiting online chat ...

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Parents arrested for allowing their son grow fat

fat baby

A couple have been arrested for allowing their 11 year-old son’s weight to balloon to 15 stone. Police were alerted by doctors who treated the youngster twice in one month and were concerned for his wellbeing. The parents of the 5ft 1in boy were arrested and questioned in March on suspicion of child neglect and cruelty. Police last night confirmed ...

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Man tries to travel-out with visa ATM card


Pandemonium occurred at the International wing of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport yesterday as an Ijebu man(name withheld) and his family were barred from boarding an Air France flight to London. According to eye witnesses, all seemed to be well with the said family and other passengers as they queued to check in around 4:45pm, until the man raised his ...

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Wisconsin girls charged with ‘Slenderman’ stabbing

The unnamed victim, 12, is said to be in stable condition

Two 12-year-old girls in the US state of Wisconsin have been accused of stabbing a classmate in order to please an online fictional character. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier have been charged with attempted murder and face up to 65 years in prison. The unnamed victim was stabbed 19 times on Saturday and left in the woods. The girls reportedly ...

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South Africa man ‘chained children for years’


A South African man accused of keeping his children chained in a hostel room for eight years has been remanded in police custody. The 50-year-old man appeared at a court in Alexandra, a township north of Johannesburg, on charges of child neglect. The siblings, aged nine, 14, 18 and 24, all showed visible signs of injuries to their ankles and ...

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Man undergoes 10 rounds of surgery to look ‘more Asian’


A white Brazilian man with blonde hair and blue eyes has taken the extraordinary step of undergoing surgery to look like an Asian. Xiahn, 25, has a love for ‘K-pop’ and Korean dramas and became obsessed with looking like the locals during his time as an exchange student in the country. A year at Dongseo University in South Korea gave ...

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Bride fastens newborn baby into her wedding dress train

Here comes the baby: Shona Carter-Brooks decided to include her one-month-old daughter in her wedding ceremony by strapping the child into the back of her gown, which is said to be Vera Wang

A Tennessee bride has defended her curious decision to strap her newborn daughter into the train of her wedding dress as she walked down the aisle, saying the baby was ‘awake and well-secured’ and that she was ‘covered by Christ’. Shona Carter-Brooks has been attacked online for the bizarre bridal party moment following her marriage to Johnathan Brooks in Ripley ...

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Chinese farmer invents motorized suitcase


A farmer in China has invented a motorized suitcase which can reportedly carry your clothes and take you to the airport at the same time. The contraption – with two small wheels at the back and one at the front – is the brainchild of He Liang, a farmer from Hunan Province, reports the Taiwan-based Want China Times. It can carry ...

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Pope Francis: Church could change celibacy stance

Pope Francis talks to reporters aboard the papal flight on his way back to the Vatican from Jerusalem

Pope Francis on Monday said he believed that Roman Catholic priests should be celibate but the rule was not an unchangeable dogma, and “the door is always open” to change. Francis made similar comments when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires but his remarks to reporters on a plane returning from a Middle East trip were the first he has ...

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Italian murder trial halted after judge spots court staff having sex


A judge suspended a murder trial after spotting two court staff having sex during the hearing. Stunned Anna Ivaldi asked the prosecutor to stop speaking after she looked up and spotted the couple writhing in ecstasy in an office beside the court. They had thought the smoked glass they were behind would mask their steamy antics, but the eagle-eyed judge ...

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