Odd But True

Loneliness is as big a killer as diabetes – Study


A new study has revealed the potentially deadly impact feeling alone can have on your health. Social isolation in later life can prove fatal by exacerbating health problems. And not having a solid network of family and friends can ‘vastly elevate’ someone’s risk of life-threatening conditions, like heart disease, stroke and even cancer. The research also revealed that loneliness – ...

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Chinese villagers build giant golden statue of Chairman Mao


Nearly 40 years after the death of China’s “Great Helmsman” a gigantic golden statue of Chairman Mao has been erected in rural China by admiring business people and villagers. The 36 metre tall mega-Mao, which reportedly cost 3m yuan (about £312,000), towers over Tongxu county near the city of Kaifeng in Henan province. Chinese media reports say the statue is ...

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Sunbather appears to grab attacking cobra with bare hands [Video]


This is the amazing moment a woman sunbathing in South Africa catches a cobra before it can strike. The girl, sitting by a lake in Robertson, Western Cape, wearing nothing but a bikini, is captured on video performing the amazing feat seconds after she had been chatting to a friend off-screen. She uses lightning quick reflexes to grab the reptile ...

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Middle aged couple claim they’ve slept with 30 people in 4-years

Tony Williams and Debbie Dowsett say the secret of their happy relationship is sleeping with other people.

Meet Tony Williams and Debbie Dowsett, the middle-aged couple who claim that their numerous affairs and persistent bed-hopping keeps their relationship strong. The pair from Hainault, London, have been together for almost 18 years after meeting at a resident’s meeting, but that doesn’t stop them from sleeping with other people on a regular basis. Tony, 59, a retired head of ...

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Man fitted with a ‘bionic penis’ set to lose virginity, aged 43


A man fitted with a ‘bionic penis’ – after losing his own in a freak road accident – is set to lose his virginity at the age of 43 to a sex campaigner. Mohammed Abad, from Edinburgh, will take the momentous step next week with sex worker Charlotte Rose, 35, after the pair ‘get to know each other’ over a ...

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s lesbian daughter weds

Mpho Tutu exchanged vows in a small private ceremony, with her longtime partner Professor Marceline Furth.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu’s daughter, Reverend Mpho Tutu, who is a lesbian got married on Wednesday. Her lesbian marriage stands in stark contrast to her Tutu parents, who recently renewed their wedding vows on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary. Mpho Tutu exchanged vows in a small private ceremony, with her longtime partner Professor Marceline Furth in Oegstgeest a ...

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English lower league club tries ‘three-wall’ free-kick routine


Football has always had its innovators. Johan Cruyff was the first player to do THAT turn. Antonin Panenka was the first footballer to take THAT extremely cheeky penalty. A random Sunday League team were presumably the first side to do that thing with a corner, where someone touches the ball with their foot and runs away like it hasn’t already ...

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Drink drive charge dropped for woman whose ‘body is a brewery’

A women in America has escaped a drink driving charge as she suffers from auto-brewery syndrome

Drink driving charges against an American woman have been dismissed based on an unusual defence: her body is a brewery. The woman was arrested while driving with a blood-alcohol level more than four times the legal limit in New York state. She then discovered she had a rare condition called “auto-brewery syndrome”, in which her digestive system converts ordinary food ...

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Catholic priest suspended after giving sermon on a hoverboard


He might look as though he is moving around like some kind of Holy Spirit, but this priest is actually on a hoverboard. And now he’s in trouble for it. The priest was said to have greeted the congregation and sang a Christmas song before delivering his sermon still wheeling around on the device, but the Catholic Church didn’t like ...

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Man dies while trying to blow up condom machine with homemade bomb


A young man died after a condom machine he was trying to break into blew up in his face. The 29-year-old had rigged the contraception dispenser in the German town of Münster with a homemade bomb so he could blast it open and steal the change inside. But as it exploded, a steal shard hit him in the face, knocking ...

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