Odd But True

Egypt: Couple commit suicide to explore ‘what happens after death’


An Irish woman and her Egyptian husband committed suicide, by drowning themselves in a swimming pool in a villa in Hurghada on the Red Sea coast in Egypt, Al Arabiya English reports. According to the report, the couple wanted to discover the other world and know what happens after death. Major General Hossam Kamal, director of the Red Sea Security, received a ...

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Woman charged with faking cancer, keeping donations

handcuffs - gavel

A 38-year-old Orlando woman who pretended to have terminal cancer and accepted donations when she lived in New York’s Westchester County several years ago was arrested and charged with fraud, U.S. prosecutors said. Vedoutie Hoobraj, 38, used the name Shivonie Deokaran while perpetrating the scam from about October 2014 through at least March 2016, federal prosecutors said in a statement. ...

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British model kidnapped in Milan ‘to be sold in online auction’


A British model was drugged and kidnapped in Milan to be sold in an online auction, say Italian police. The woman, 20, had arrived in the city to take part in a photo shoot arranged through her agent, but was abducted and held captive for six days. Polish national Lukasz Herba, 30, who lives in the UK, has been arrested ...

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South Africa: Smugglers use donkeys to smuggle cars into Zimbabwe


Police in South Africa have foiled an attempt to smuggle a stolen luxury car into Zimbabwe using donkeys to pull it across the Limpopo river. The suspects fled into the bushes towards Zimbabwe after their efforts to free the car from the sand failed, local police say. Last December a vehicle stolen in Durban was recovered on the same river, ...

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Driver wrecks £200,000 Ferrari an hour after buying it

The smouldering ruins of the sports car after the crash

A driver lost control of his new £200,000 Ferrari and careered off a motorway before it burst into flames – after owning it for just an hour. The high-performance Ferrari 430 Scuderia was reduced to a twisted wreck after the smash on the M1 near junction 37 in South Yorkshire on Thursday afternoon. Police described how the car “went airborne” ...

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Man kills wife after finding her lover hiding between sons’ beds

Azad Singh has been jailed for life after being convicted of the murder of Kulwinder Kaur.

A man has been jailed for life after he stabbed his wife to death when he caught another man hiding in their home. Azad Singh, 46, found his wife’s boyfriend Majinder Virk hiding between his sons’ beds when he returned from a night shift. Kulwinder Kaur had been having an affair with Virk and allegedly had just been having sex ...

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3 women in court for allegedly raping Zimbabwean pastor


Three women have appeared in court after a pastor says he was raped. Two of the women are alleged to have pinned the man down on a bed while the third carried out the sex attack. A magistrates’ court in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was told that the victim was owed money by the attackers and he went to their home to ...

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Zimbabwe: Three women arrested for raping pastor


Three women have appeared before a court accused of gang raping a pastor who went round to their home to demand money they owed him. Western Commonage Magistrates Court in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, heard how the holy man was grabbed and forced onto a bed and then stripped. The three women Sandra Ncube, 21, Riamuhetsi Mlauzi, 23, and Mongiwe Mpofu, 25, ...

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Man with one arm and no legs becomes a bodybuilder [Video]


A 21-year-old man with a rare genetic disorder was filmed lifting a 152lb tire nearly a dozen times across his Tampa, Florida gym. The feat is impressive on its own. But what makes the demonstration even more remarkable is that Nick Santonastasso has a condition known as Hanhart Syndrome. Hanhart Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the growth of ...

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Woman divorces husband for not replying her texts

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What’s more annoying than watching those two ticks turn to blue on WhatsApp, then having no reply? Nothing, basically. It’s especially frustrating when you’re messaging someone with important questions like “What do you want for tea?” and “Can bees have heart attacks?”. These are questions that simply need answering ASAP or else. Well, it turns out those blue ticks from ...

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