Odd But True

Man-eating Nile crocrodiles found in US


DNA tests have confirmed that three man-eating Nile crocodiles have been found living in Florida’s swamps. Unlike local alligators, the species preys on humans and is thought to be responsible for up to 200 deaths a year at home in sub-Saharan Africa. It is possible more of the beasts are at large in the state, experts say. It is not ...

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Model drowns after ‘asthma attack’ during underwater photoshoot


A Taiwanese model has drowned after suffering a suspected asthma attack during an underwater photoshoot in the sea off the coast of Taiwan. Olivia Ku was unconscious when firefighters and coastguards pulled her body from the waters where she had been participating in a photoshoot off the Coast of Pingtung County in southern Taiwan on Monday. She was transferred to ...

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China denies spicing dead bodies for sale as tuna in Africa


China has been forced to deny claims that it is marinating dead bodies, canning them and selling them as a meat product in Africa, after a bizarre Facebook hoax went viral. Rumours of the alleged trade in human meat first began circulating on social media thanks to a series of photographs of what appeared to be skinned people in a ...

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Graduate lands interview after ‘begging’ for a job at traffic lights


A jobless chemical engineering graduate has received positive responses after standing at a busy intersection in Johannesburg, South Africa with a placard, asking for work. A photo of Anthea Malwandle, a BTech: Chemical Engineering graduate, was shared on social media prompting several calls from prospective employers. When Malwandle completed her degree at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) in 2015, ...

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Australian athletes to carry ‘super-strength’ condoms to Olympic games


Australia’s Olympians will be issued with free super-strength condoms in Rio to minimise any infection from the Zika virus, officials said Monday. Brazil has been the epicentre of the outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease, which is blamed for birth defects in babies born to women infected with the virus. While condoms will be available in dispensing machines in the Olympic ...

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Woman drives into lake after following GPS directions

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Some people slavishly follow their car’s GPS. When the weather is bad and you can’t see much out of your car window, you simply hope that the GPS will guide you well. It’s worth, though, still looking very carefully, just in case. This may have been learned by a 23-year-old woman was driving through the proverbial dark and stormy Canadian night ...

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Man receives first penis transplant in the US


A man whose penis was removed because of cancer has received the first penis transplant in the United States, at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Thomas Manning, 64, a bank courier from Halifax, Mass., underwent the 15-hour transplant operation on May 8 and 9. The organ came from a deceased donor. “I want to go back to being who I ...

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Girl, 5, shoots herself with gun found under pillow

File photo

The handgun was under a pillow in her grandmother’s Detroit bedroom when the 5-year-old girl came upon it, police said Wednesday. The girl, who was with two younger children about midnight, was playing with the weapon when it discharged, police said. She was fatally wounded, the latest casualty from shootings by children across the nation. Her grandmother, who was cooking ...

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US Congress ‘bans members’ Yahoo Mail’


A series of ransomware attacks on the House of Representatives has led US Congress to ban members from using Yahoo Mail, according to a leaked email. Both Yahoo Mail and Gmail are named in the 30 April email, published on Thursday by Gizmodo, saying the attacks had increased “in the past 48 hours”. Yahoo Mail will be blocked “until further ...

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Flight in UK delayed after woman ‘punched pilot in face’


A flight was delayed after a woman allegedly punched an easyJet pilot in the face at Manchester airport. Police were called to the airport around 2.20pm on Wednesday after a disturbance on a flight due to leave for Paphos in Cyprus. A 25-year-old woman was asked to leave the flight due to her behaviour. While being escorted from the aircraft ...

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