Odd But True

China bank employees spanked publicly for poor performance [Video]


A video has surfaced online showing staff at a Chinese bank being publicly spanked for poor performance during a training session, sparking outrage. The video, first posted by the People’s Daily, shows a trainer asking eight employees why they did not “exceed themselves” at training. He then spanks them with what looks like a stick. Reports say he later also ...

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Man dies after watching The Conjuring 2, body goes missing

The man suffered a heart attack during a screening of The Conjuring 2 (Picture: New Line Cinema/Courtesy Ev/REX/Shutterstock)

A man suffered a heart attack and died while watching new horror movie, The Conjuring 2, it has been claimed. The 65-year-old man was rushed to hospital in India after he collapsed during the scariest part of the film, according to reports. He was at Sri Balasubramaniar Cinemas in Tamil Nadu with a friend when he fainted after suffering chest pains. The man ...

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Woman hits boyfriend with car after she finds out he has HIV [Video]


When Misty Lee Wilke realized the man she had been having a sexual relationship with was HIV positive, she ran him over with a Mustang, according to court records. The incident happened in April, but a home surveillance video of the crash was released this month. The now-viral video of the vehicle mowing over a man on a bicycle was unlike ...

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Grandson shares nan’s polite Google search


Using Google to search for things on the internet has become a common part of most people’s daily lives. But it seems the internet giant may just have found its politest searcher – 86-year-old May Ashworth. The grandmother’s request read: “Please translate these roman numerals mcmxcviii thank you.” Ben John, from Wigan, tweeted a photo of his nan’s very polite ...

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Groom breaks down in tears as bride walks down the aisle [Video]


A groom has revealed the real reason he broke down in tears as he saw his bride walking down the aisle on their wedding day. Gabriel Deku, from London, was overcome with emotion as he saw his wife-to-be Annabella walking towards him at their lavish ceremony at St Martin In The Fields church at Trafalgar Square. Cameras captured the moment his ...

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City in China has men with 3 girlfriends as the norm ‘because there are so many women’


For some it may be classed as ‘three-timing’, but in one Chinese city having three girlfriends is apparently seen as the norm. One man from the city of Dongguan, in China’s Guangdong province, has even told media it would be “embarrassing” to have only one girlfriend. The polyamorous attitude is down to a huge gender imbalance in the city. The ...

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Chinese lawyer had his clothes ripped off in court


Plenty of Chinese lawyers have been harassed, detained, even jailed in China but the photograph of one with his clothes reportedly torn off him by police has drawn plenty of attention in China. Wu Liangshu stood in the Qingxiu District Court wearing the remnants of his suit with his bare leg and underpants showing. He and other lawyers were telling ...

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25yr-old lived 555 days carrying artificial heart in backpack


Before Stan Larkin received a new heart via transplant, the 25-year-old “wore” an artificial one in a backpack for 555 day after his actual heart had been removed. “They were both very, very ill when we first met them in our intensive care units,” said the surgeon behind the transplant, Jonathan Haft, from the University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Centre. ...

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Scientists grow human organs for transplant in pigs


Scientists in the United States are trying to grow human organs inside pigs. They have injected human stem cells into pig embryos to produce human-pig embryos known as chimeras. The embryos are part of research aimed at overcoming the worldwide shortage of transplant organs. The team from University of California, Davis says they should look and behave like normal pigs ...

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Gravediggers compete for place in grave digging championship in Slovakia


Digging their way to the top, 18 two-man teams of Hungarian gravediggers displayed their skills Friday for a place in a regional championship to be held in Slovakia later this year. Participants in the contest held in plot 37A of the public cemetery of the eastern Hungarian city of Debrecen were being judged on their speed but also getting points ...

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