Laughter is the best medicine! Tips to heal from stress


Did you know there is science behind the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine?” When we laugh, our bodies produce a hormone that triggers healthy changes in the body which help us heal from the impacts of stress. Laughter is also known to help boost your energy, your immune system and even reduce pain. Now that’s powerful medicine! When we ...

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Low low cut dresses are in; but how low should you go?


Skin is definitely in. Flaunting cleavage has been a major do lately. Sure, it’s racy. But stylists say that taking the (sometimes extremely deep) plunge has its benefits, aside from stirring headlines. “Simply put, the V-neck shape is just flattering,” says Los Angeles-based personal stylist Laurie Brucker. “Wearing a V-neck can instantly make you look taller and slimmer. Why? When ...

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How to navigate any awkward situation


Have you ever run into an acquaintance at a party…and forgotten his name? Or, congratulated a neighbor on her pregnancy, only to discover she’s not expecting? Even if you pride yourself on your social graces, every once in a while you’re likely to find yourself in a cringe-worthy situation with no graceful way out. Since we’ve all been there, we ...

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10 things never to say to a pregnant woman


There’s something about seeing a pregnant belly that makes even the most civilized people forget their manners. In what other situation would people feel comfortable telling a woman, “You look heavy” or “Aren’t you a little old for that”? If you’d rather not press a pregnant woman’s buttons, consider these tips from the Mommy Docs, a trio of ob-gyns who ...

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How to deal with difficult coworkers


No matter how lovely most of your coworkers are, there are always a few personality types that tend to bring down office morale. But you don’t have to let Mrs. Stress-y Pants or The “No” Man make your nine-to-five life miserable. Below, our experts’ tips on how to deal with the most annoying workplace dispositions in order to have a ...

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5 easy ways to show kids how to be thankful


Gratitude can be a difficult thing to teach but a vital lesson for children to learn. Psychologists have found that people who regularly say thank you and remember to be grateful for things in their life tend to be happier and more optimistic. They can’t say there is definitely a cause-and-effect relationship between gratitude and happiness, but counting your blessings ...

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Three nominated for Vlisco Ambassador 2014


The second edition of the Vlisco Women’s Month campaign has been officially launched in Accra. Vlisco Women’s Month  is a campaign used to celebrate and honour the exceptional achievements of women in West and Central Africa. Speaking  during the launch, Marketing Manager for the Vlisco in Ghana, Stephen Baidoo said the programme is Vlisco’s flagship promotional campaign that identify and ...

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10 ways to make the pencil skirt work for you


Want to instantly whittle your waist, enhance curves, appear slimmer, and look chic no matter the occasion? Simple: stock up on the coveted pencil skirt. No longer your grandmother’s go-to ensemble, this timeless wardrobe must-have has been boosting the confidence of women everywhere for decades and it’s now hotter than ever. And no matter your body type, rocking the pencil ...

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Making a suit statement

Three piece-vested suit

The role of suits in a business or social setting cannot be overemphasized. Suits are definitely a must-have, especially for those who play various roles in our corporate setting. Suits have the power to make and unmake the image of men. Therefore, identifying the right type of suit to suit your image becomes imperative if you are to make the ...

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Women spend 335 hours a year to look beautiful


Women spend an average of 55 minutes getting ready every morning — frittering away the equivalent of 6.4 hours a week, or 335 hours a year, on looks alone, a new survey finds. Men, by comparison, spend 4.5 hours a week working on their appearance, while teenage girls, the worst offenders, use up 7.7 hours a week on the task. ...

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