Drop the “busy” excuse


Are you crazy busy? Overworked? Are you sure? It’s a common refrain from friends — or our own mouths — that we’re too busy and have too much to do. For some, being loaded down with work and other commitments is a badge of honour, a sign of importance. But should we be glorifying busy?  Are we really overworked or ...

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Just women: Rise above your limitations


Ghanaian women have been  advised to rise beyond the limitations placed on them by society and reach their higher potential. All the speakers at the Citi FM’s Just Women Forum told participants to resist the pressures, tradition and culture put on them and work hard to achieve their goals. One of the speakers, Ellen Hagan of L’aine Service  asked young women ...

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Sleep loss may cause brain damage, new research says


Are you a truck driver or shift worker planning to catch up on some sleep this weekend? Cramming in extra hours of shut-eye may not make up for those lost pulling all-nighters, new research indicates. The damage may already be done — brain damage, that is, said neuroscientist Sigrid Veasey from the University of Pennsylvania. Alzheimer’s & Sleep The widely ...

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A healthy home starts in the kitchen


In culinary school one learns about food safety, cross contamination, proper cooling and food storage techniques, but it was only when I began working in a hotel kitchen that I came to appreciate the importance of maintaining proper health and safety practices. Routine unannounced health inspections could be carried out anytime, so in preparation it was very important that health ...

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Laughter is the best medicine! Tips to heal from stress


Did you know there is science behind the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine?” When we laugh, our bodies produce a hormone that triggers healthy changes in the body which help us heal from the impacts of stress. Laughter is also known to help boost your energy, your immune system and even reduce pain. Now that’s powerful medicine! When we ...

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Low low cut dresses are in; but how low should you go?


Skin is definitely in. Flaunting cleavage has been a major do lately. Sure, it’s racy. But stylists say that taking the (sometimes extremely deep) plunge has its benefits, aside from stirring headlines. “Simply put, the V-neck shape is just flattering,” says Los Angeles-based personal stylist Laurie Brucker. “Wearing a V-neck can instantly make you look taller and slimmer. Why? When ...

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How to navigate any awkward situation


Have you ever run into an acquaintance at a party…and forgotten his name? Or, congratulated a neighbor on her pregnancy, only to discover she’s not expecting? Even if you pride yourself on your social graces, every once in a while you’re likely to find yourself in a cringe-worthy situation with no graceful way out. Since we’ve all been there, we ...

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10 things never to say to a pregnant woman


There’s something about seeing a pregnant belly that makes even the most civilized people forget their manners. In what other situation would people feel comfortable telling a woman, “You look heavy” or “Aren’t you a little old for that”? If you’d rather not press a pregnant woman’s buttons, consider these tips from the Mommy Docs, a trio of ob-gyns who ...

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How to deal with difficult coworkers


No matter how lovely most of your coworkers are, there are always a few personality types that tend to bring down office morale. But you don’t have to let Mrs. Stress-y Pants or The “No” Man make your nine-to-five life miserable. Below, our experts’ tips on how to deal with the most annoying workplace dispositions in order to have a ...

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5 easy ways to show kids how to be thankful


Gratitude can be a difficult thing to teach but a vital lesson for children to learn. Psychologists have found that people who regularly say thank you and remember to be grateful for things in their life tend to be happier and more optimistic. They can’t say there is definitely a cause-and-effect relationship between gratitude and happiness, but counting your blessings ...

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