10 Fascinating characters you’ll find in every church


  The MBAs (Me ba ha akyɛ) They have been there since the day the church started as a small fellowship. They always remind you that they saw you when you came as a new member. Though they know everyone’s history in church, they can’t cast out a demon… not even a half demon! The impressionists They use the least ...

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8 traits that can end a relationship easily

What are new love affairs made of? Butterflies and rainbows. Fantasies and dreams. Sex that makes your toes curl spiced with passionate screams.  These are the things new love affairs are made of.  End scene. Exit characters. Time to face reality. Falling in love has always made my head spin, in a beautiful flowy way. At least that’s what I ...

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Hair straighteners pose child burn risk

Joshua's arm was accidentally injured by hair straighteners that had just been turned off

Ten-month-old Joshua is one of hundreds of children admitted to hospital each year after being burned by hair straighteners. He was injured by straighteners that fell off a table and on to his arm. They had just been turned off but were still extremely hot. UK burns units say one in 20 of all admissions for children’s burns last year ...

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8 ways to make your relationship work better


Relationships that work are the ones that are worked on. If you are wondering where to begin, here are some areas that can always use a little TLC. Communication. Being able to share the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritualaspects of your life, without feeling judged or devalued, is what good communication is all about. Neither you nor your partner is ...

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5 signs you’re a ‘unicorn’ employee


Unicorns are hard to catch. Back in the 1500s, it was believed that only fair young maidens could gain the trust of these elusive, horned creatures. I’m no fair maiden. Still, in my time, I’ve had the luck of getting close to many magical unicorns … in the form of “unicorn” employees. Not to be confused with unicorn companies—startups valued ...

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7 reasons the best employees quit, even when they like their job


Losing a great employee is a terrible thing. There’s the expense of finding, onboarding, and training a replacement. There’s the uncertainty of how a new employee will work out. There’s the hardship on the rest of your staff until the position can be filled. Sometimes there’s a solid reason–the person was a bad fit for the team, or moved away ...

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Older men who have lots of sex risk heart attack


Men over the age of 57 – who engage in regular sexual activity – could be more at risk at cardiovascular disease. Older men who have sex on a regular basis are more likely to suffer a heart attack, according to scientists. The new study by Michigan State University found that males over the age of 57 – who engage ...

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7 ways you maybe sabotaging your relationship


What makes some couples go the distance, while other romances fizzle out before they’ve even gotten off the ground? Below, relationship experts share seven negative qualities that can undermine a relationship in the early stages. You expect way too much from your partner There’s nothing wrong with setting high expectations for potential partners. But you’re setting yourself up for failure ...

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Trend Alert: 8 footwears every man should have


As far–fetched as it seems, most people make “shoe contact” even before they make “eye contact”. Many of us are guilty of this. For unexplainable reasons, it is very easy to psychoanalyse a person based on their footwear, however, picking the appropriate footwear can be very challenging for men. Not to worry, TheCable Lifestyle is here to help. First, you must consider the ...

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The true measure of a man is not found in his appearance [Article]

smaller-Do-You-Have-The-Courage-to-Price-High-949x1024 (1)

Appearances they say can be deceptive and that is the story of my life. I am petite in stature and certainly do not look my age. I’m in my late 20s and I just finished my graduate programme in Communication Studies. Some say I look 16 and I won’t argue with that and wearing braces hasn’t helped the situation either. ...

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