How to break a bad habit

black woman

Moving from wanting to change to actually doing so can be a challenge because the repetition of any pattern of behavior establishes neural circuits in the brain. Habits generate biochemical and physiological changes that perpetuate behavior. However, it is possible to break a habit when you address the emotional and physical aspects behind it. Here is a powerful six-step process ...

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Meet the man ‘exposing’ New Yorkers to Ghanaian dishes

Ghanaian meal

What do you get when you cross Ghanaian cooking with a New York State of mind? While I cannot say this is a question our ancestors pondered, it was certainly on my mind as I rode the subway and trudged through banks of hard white snow to get to the Harlem hideaway and private kitchen of Ghanaian film producer, food ...

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5 real reasons women add weight after wedding


Ever wondered why the evergreen Tina Munim, the beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and the stunning Neetu Singh have looked bulkier after marriage? Every girl dreams to look best on her wedding day and puts in all her efforts to tone the body in order to look stunning in her wedding dress. You go on a strict diet regime to impress ...

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Ghanaian refugee names daughter after German chancellor

Ophelya Ade with her daughter, Angela Merkel Ade. She chose the name because the German chancellor ‘is a very good woman’. Photograph: Julian Stratenschulte/DPA/Corbis

German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has a new namesake: a refugee’s baby from Ghana. The baby Angela Merkel Ade was born on 2 February and lives with her mother and 730 other asylum seekers in a former hospital that was turned into a refugee shelter in Hanover, the German news agency DPA reported. Angela’s 26-year-old mother, Ophelya Ade, was quoted as ...

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6 reasons why it is important to set goals


Ok, so this isn’t the first time you’ve heard someone talk about the importance of goals, and its definitely not going to be the last. But clichés aside, understanding the importance of goal setting and knowing how to set goals for yourself is crucial to accomplishing great things in your life. Here are 6 important reasons why you need to ...

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10 things successful people do before going to sleep


Do you want to be a success? If you do, then it seems that what you do, just before you go to sleep, is just as important, as what you do during the day. So, if you want to become an overnight success, read these ten things that successful people do, before they close their eyes at night: 1. They ...

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How to manage people who are smarter than you


The best managers hire smart people to work for them. But what if your direct reports are smarter than you? How do you manage people who have more experience or more knowledge? How do you coach them if you don’t have the same level of expertise? What the Experts Say Getting promoted to a job that includes responsibility for areas ...

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10 scientifically proven ways to make yourself live to 100 (or more)


Normally, when you read a guide on how to live longer, Tip One is usually ‘Give up booze and fags.’ While giving them up WILL extend your lifespan, we’ve focused on other, less obvious lifestyle changes which have been proven by scientific studies to extend life. Many scientists believe that people born today will live well past 100 – and ...

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Listening to music ‘makes you more effective at work’


This is for all of you who like to listen to your favourite Sarkodie or Stonebwoy track at work while you grind out some stories or add up some figures. There’s more reason for you to do so now. Because, according to a new scientific study, listening to music while you work makes you more effective. In fact, the study ...

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Where do vegetarians get their protein from?


It’s a question that vegetarians are tired of being asked, but it’s also a question that meat-eaters, it seems, will never tire of asking: “Go on, tell us. Just where do you get your protein from?” Not all meat-eaters ask the question out of malice. Sure, some do. Some just love to tease you about how turning vegetarian will make ...

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