7 ways to raise a child who actually trusts and respects you


Kids can’t give what they don’t receive. So, start walking your talk, Mom and Dad. I’ve seen a lot of social media posts lately claiming that “kids today don’t have any integrity or respect!” I remember how hurtful it felt hearing statements like that said about my own generation when I was younger. Especially when it was obvious that people chose to focus only on the ...

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10 signs that your body needs a detox


If your body is in need of a full detox, you can be sure that it will tell you. And if your body is really in need of a full detox, you can be sure as heck fire that it will positively scream at you. See, there are signs that your body gives off that tell you it’s wilting here. It needs ...

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5 ways busy parents can get stuff done (without ignoring the kids)

black parents

Having kids really does change everything … including your TIME. Now that you have kids, time is a luxury. Remember those long periods of uninterrupted time you used to have? Remember when 30 minutes was actually a short window of time, not a huge one? When parenthood begins, that reality no longer applies. If you’re struggling with how to make it all work amidst ...

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9 benefits of sex during pregnancy


Between your raging hormones, morning sickness, and your ever-expanding waistline, sex might be the last thing on your mind when you’re pregnant. Although vegging out in front of the TV is looking pretty good, having sex can do wonders for your health, your pregnancy and your relationship. Here are nine reasons why pregnancy sex is not only healthy, but why ...

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5 ways to be mentally strong

black man

As a psychotherapist I’ve always had an interest in mental strength, but my interest in the subject became personal when I experienced a series of losses. In 2003, my mother passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm. Then, on the third anniversary of her death, my 26-year-old husband died of a heart attack. A few years later, my father-in-law was ...

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Homosexuality is ‘dirty’ and ‘abominable’ – Takoradi Chief Imam


The Chief Imam of Takoradi, Alhaji Mohammed Awal, has warned all Muslims to stay away from homosexuality, describing the practice as “dirty” and “abominable.” He urged Muslims that such “devilish” acts would attract the wrath of Allah. He gave the advice when Muslim faithful gathered at the Takoradi Jubilee Park for open prayers to mark Eid-uI-Fitr after ending 30 days of fasting. He ...

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What to say when asked your current salary in a job interview


It’s a question you should always be prepared for. It’s one that’s asked by many job interviewers. “How much are you currently making?” If your latest (or even longtime) lover had asked you the question, you’d think it a touch nosy. If your parents, your friends, or Kurshina your local Starbucks barista had asked it, you’d smile and mutter: “Seriously?” ...

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Why your tech addiction makes you lonely as hell

phone wall

The devices keeping people connected are the same ones tearing your family apart. In today’s world, you give so much of yourself to others that, by the time you get home, you just want to crash and numb yourself on the Internet. But have you ever wondered what your children see when you choose an electronic device over play time? There’s a new ...

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Too much sitting linked to women’s cancer risk


Sitting for a long time is linked with a variety of diseases, including an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Now, a new study finds that sitting may be particularly harmful for women by raising their risk of developing several cancers. Women in the study who sat more than 6 hours a day were at a higher ...

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More than half the world DOESN’T smooch, kiss – Study

Young couple kissing in front of the Christmas tree

We may think a passionate kiss is a universal pleasure, but in some cultures, kissing doesn’t take place at all. According to a new research, less than half of all societies use kissing to express sexual desire – and some even find the act repulsive. The study found that out of 168 cultures from around the world, only 46 per ...

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