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Leaked: Fumigation 419 Exposed; Ace replies Efo


Dear Efo Koshi Mugu The brightness of this day has given me the opportunity to write this letter to you. I enjoyed your first letter to me paaah. It has gone viral on the internet and social media. In it, you christened me “Long Lege” and “Naabu Commando.” Hmmm. Terms of endearment? As for “Too Known” I take am ‘loooong ...

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Leaked: Letter to Ace. Free SHS, Arrest Munchendiology


Bla Ace oo, Long Lege, Naabu Commando, You dey? I am so elated and it is best summed up in this modified Baptist hymn Joy like a river Joy like a river Joy like a river in my soul I have joy like a river Joy like a river Joy like a river in my soul. I hope you don’t ...

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Ghana saves $1 Billion on gas deal

Boakye Agyarko, Energy Minister

Ghana’s Energy Minister, Boakye Agyarko, and the CEO of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, Dr. K K Sarpong, have saved the country over $1 billion in a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) transaction that will allow for the addition of up to 1,000MW to Ghana’s power supply.   The new GNPC LNG deal, involving the world’s largest gas producer, Gazprom, ...

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TV host discloses political philosophy, what he said will shock you

Paul Adom-Otchere

Watching from afar, it would be beyond easy for the average follower of Paul Adom-Otchere to place him firmly in the camp of political ideologies skewing right of centre.   But images of him being moulded by socialist thoughts or him marching alongside comrades fuelled by a spirit of resistance were much closer to the truth a few decades ago, ...

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1. Who can enter The Literacy Challenge? ANS: The Literacy Challenge is a National completion for Junior High School (JHS) students in Ghana 2. When is the deadline for the submission of entries into Level I? ANS: Saturday, 23rd September, 2017 3. How can I submit my essay? ANS: Post it to ‘The Literacy Challenge’ P.O. Box GP 14123 Accra ...

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Sylvester Mensah: A potential NDC 2020 Presidential Aspirant

Sylvester Mensah

Sylvester Mensah: Long Shot or Giant Killer? He’s got youth, he’s got experience, and he’s got charm. He’s Sylvester Mensah and he could be your next president. Mr. Mensah easily reminds you of politicians like John Edwards (the John Edwards before his scandal): boyishly handsome, easily believable and exceptionally warm.   PROS   Temperament Mr. Sylvester Mensah is the dictionary ...

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The 15 year Bond. Will the anchor hold?

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta

At the beginning of April this year, the Government of Ghana seemingly took a giant stride in its ongoing efforts to deepen the country’s capital market and substantially expand its constricted fiscal space with the introduction of 15 year cedi-denominated treasury bonds. Prior to the issuance, the longest tenured bonds issued on the domestic market by government had been 10 ...

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Will Ghana get a factory in every district?


When Nana Addo Dankwa Afufo-Addo, announced a year ago, as the leading opposition contender for the presidency, that if elected to the highest office in Ghana he would ensure that a factory was established in every district, many Ghanaians dismissed his pronouncement as just another heady electoral campaign promise from a man desperate to win the support of the electorate, ...

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RAHMAN WRITES: GFA’s deafening silence endorses racial abuse against Muntari

Sule Muntari

“I gave him my shirt, to teach him that you’re not supposed to do that. I needed to set an example so he grows up to be nice”. This deep statement is not from Martin Luther King Jnr or Nelson Mandela, but from former Black Stars midfielder Sulley Ali Muntari, to one of the children who joined in the racial ...

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Retraction: NIC workers want director fired for mismanagement

NIC Commissioner, Lydia Lariba Bawa.

This is to retract an earlier publication by with the headline; “NIC workers want director fired for mismanagement.” We acknowledge that, the publication, in which supposed workers of the NIC made allegations of fraud and mismanagement against the Commissioner of the NIC, Lydia Lariba Bawa, are completely untrue, and cannot be proven. The supposed unidentified workers’ allegations, which also ...

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