Malls experience brisk shopping for Triple Travel Trivia

Achimota Mall shoppers frantically fill out entry forms to qualify for the final draw.

With less than 48 hours to close entries in the Triple Travel Trivia promotion, patrons of Accra’s top malls have stepped up shopping runs in the hope of winning one of the three sponsored holiday slots on offer, mall managers have disclosed.

The ‘Triple Travel Trivia’ is a month-long shopper loyalty reward promotion jointly launched by West Hills Mall, Accra Mall and Achimota Mall in February and which offers three slots to three lucky shoppers and their partners for an all-expense-paid trip to sensational holiday destinations in Dubai, Mauritius and Cape Town.  Entries for the promotion are scheduled to close at all three Malls on Wednesday, March 14.

To win any of the three holiday slots, shoppers will have to spend a minimum of Ghc 300 at any shop or a number of shops at West Hills Mall, Accra Mall or Achimota Mall respectively to be entitled to an entry slip which will be filled out and dropped into an Entry Box for a final draw on March 19 to select shoppers for the final trivia game. The draw will be conducted by the National Gaming Commission.

A shopper at West Hills Mall fills Entry Forms for Triple Travel Trivia

“Yes. The clock has started ticking away and by 8:00pm Wednesday, none of the three malls can take anymore entries. But on Monday, March 19, the Gaming Commission will help us with a draw to select 10 finalists from each of the malls for the final trivia,” said Michael Konadu, Marketing Manager at West Hills Mall where several hundreds of patrons relishing a sponsored vacation in Dubai have been shopping since the launch of the promotion last month.

Trivia winners at Accra Mall and Achimota Mall will be headed for destinations in Mauritius and Cape Town respectively and three holiday slots have been pre-packaged to allow winners to travel with their partners, both of whom will be fully covered by the prize, comprising all-expense-paid flights, destination tours and accommodation, in addition to US$ 2,000 spending money for a stay of five days and four nights at the destination.

Konadu explained that each of the three malls will host a separate final trivia game night on March 23, 24 and 25 respectively at which qualifying shoppers will compete for the chance to grab the three holiday prizes.

A typical holiday resort in Mauritius, 0ne of the three destinations in the Triple Travel Trivia

Many shoppers are reported to be frantically practicing for the final trivia which, according to mall authorities, has been designed to be enjoyable and exciting for everybody and whose questions will be simple and mundane, relating mostly to the holiday destinations and a bit of current affairs.

‘Whereas the draw on 19th will be full of suspense, the final trivia event promises to be very exciting and entertaining. All the three final trivia games will be moderated by ‘Trigmatic’, Ghanaian musician and YFM’s celebrated host, said Konadu.