‘We can get C’ttee’s decision on Law School LI overturned’ – Kofi Bentil

The Coalition for Legal Education Reform Ghana has expressed its disappointment at the decision of Parliament’s Subsidiary Legislation Committee to dismiss some concerns of law students on the controversial Legal Profession Regulations.

However, the Coalition insists that despite this setback, it can get most Members of Parliament (MP) to vote against the Regulations.

[contextly_sidebar id=”OOBdiOATCKzrq0z0bMprwDp8PFZjnTmw”]A lead campaigner for the reforms, Kofi Bentil, told Citi News that the Committee has lost an opportunity to initiate a necessary restructuring of the country’s legal education system.

The Subsidiary Legislation Committee on Tuesday shot down a petition by the Concerned Law Students for the examinations conducted for admission into the school to be scrapped.

The Committee however recommended that the Ghana Legal Council not be allowed to conduct interviews for entrants into the Ghana School of Law.

But Kofi Bentil, who is also the lawyer for the Concerned Law students, said the turn of events is unfortunate.

“I am disappointed because in one of the sessions of Parliament the chairman showed clearly that he understood our point and even supported it. He even had some pieces of advice for the General Legal Council. So we were hoping that they will do the right thing. We were thinking that parliament refuse to legitimize something that has been ruled as illegal… After parliament met us, we had information that they met the General Legal Council and the Attorney General separately and we weren’t invited to that meeting,” he said.

The General Legal Council had laid the proposed LI before in Parliament in mid-December 2017, in response to a Supreme Court order for a clear admission procedure into the Ghana School of Law, and call to the Ghana Bar.

The Regulations, among other things, state that the General Legal Council will conduct an entrance exam for the admission of students to the school, and conduct interviews for all applicants who pass the Ghana School of Law Entrance Examination.

But according to Kofi Bentil, the recent developments surrounding the LI before Parliament is unfair to the concerned students.

“It seems unfair that some of those things will happen. I am disappointed that our Parliament has chosen not to vote for the dreams of our young people but to support these moves which are not good for our future. I am sure that what we started will not end with this LI. If we can get more than 183 parliamentarians to go to work on that day, we will be able to overturn this thing,” he said.

By: Jonas Nyabor/